4 August 2006

The Big Fella

Visited Kamakura to check out the beach and the Great Buddha - the second largest in Japan at a height of 13.35 metres and built around the middle of the twelfth century. He originally lived in a hall, but a tsunami washed away his accommodation at the end of the fifteenth century. His tarnished bronze figure now rests outdoors in the temple grounds.

It was lovely to stroll the quiet, peaceful surroundings and get away from Tokyo's insanity.

I didn't take any pics of the beach as it wasn't terribly attractive with its grey volcanic sand. It was also very littered with rubbish and it looked as though a shanty town was being built on the sand. Apparently, work begins in early June to construct about 10 restaurants / food stalls and massage shacks and the little shanty town is referred to as... Little Thailand! The huts are then ripped down on September 1st - I guess when the 'official' beach season is over.

However, it was glorious to be near the water again and to feel and smell the sea air.

Spectacular, spectacular.


  1. Kamakura is such a beautiful area (other than the polluted beach!). There are some really amazing shrines scattered around. Did you go inside the Buddha?

  2. Wait... you can go inside Buddha? Ok, I'll refrain from making the off-color jokes about Buddha and penetration and just say... that's so cool!

  3. vk, i didn't go inside the buddha because i, er, didn't realise at the time that you could. i can be very vague sometimes.

    so b, no i didn't penetrate the buddha, so my karma is not compromised.