22 August 2006

More Crud Photos...

from the Azabu-Juban Festival on Sunday.

Our meeting place was right near the stage. After everyone arrived, most of us quickly moved on due to the incessant bleating of these J-Pop girls. Their high-pitched squealing was enough to test a saint, but the guys stuck around as they insisted their kiddies were enjoying dancing to the music. Hehe, right.

We decided to take a casual saunter down the road. Nothing like an afternoon out with a few of the locals.

We passed heaps of food stalls, most of which seemed to be selling this stuff - octopus balls, I think. I took pity on this poor dude as it was so hot, and I imagine especially so in his little makeshift kitchen.

We wandered further and, joy oh joy, came across a stand selling champagne. A few bottles later, we were all dancing around the maypole, albeit a tad woozily.

The festival ended with Taiko drumming. I am so learning how to do this as it totally rocks, and it was definitely the highlight of the day.

The wives and mothers took the kiddies home and I hit the 'Pong with the lads. When will I learn?


  1. hi h. don't know about you but i always want to be wherever i am not. from your photos of cinque terre and knowing you live in a western europe... i would switch with you in a flash!

  2. GG,
    How are you? It has been awhile.
    I was going to go to AJ Festival on Friday night but in the end i didn't go to work cos i was sick. I have heard it is always crowded and hard to find water...
    Did you have a good time in the end??
    Might go next year.

  3. nice pics - looks like fun! Are Japanese Octopus Balls similar in flavour to the Pakistani Deep Fried Sheeps Testicels I've had before?

  4. hi lulu, i'm great, thanks. sorry to hear you weren't well.
    the festival was pretty crowded (but what isn't here?!) but you can buy anything you need and there are heaps of vending machines around the streets.
    it may not quite have come across in the post, but i had a fabulous day/night out.

    hi bs, it was fun! i didn't buy anything to eat at the festival as i ate before i got there, so i'm not sure about the similarities. however, do pakistani deep fried sheep testicles bear any similarities to sauteed bulls' scrotums? if so, i may have an inkling how they taste.

  5. You mean you went to a matsuri and didn't eat takoyaki (the octopus balls)'s not a matsuri without them!