28 September 2006

All Seasons

It's amazing what a difference 24-hours can make. This isn't the prettiest view of Tokyo by any means, but I just wanted to show how there was no sunshine yesterday.

Hehe, I kill me.


  1. They were bloody fast at making that building taller.

  2. It was such a beautiful day today outside! The sky was so nice and blue, not the kind you usually see in Tokyo!

    I want to see what you look like in real life miss look alike portia de rossi!

  3. old knudsen, that's japanese efficiency for you. they can build a skyscraper in a day.

    lulu, it was a gorgeous day! er, until it got cloudy again. ah.
    i don't think i'll be posting pics here. like the wizard of oz, gg should stay behind the curtain to maintain the illusion that she is actually fit for society. i'm really an old crone. not as old as old knudsen, though. (no offense intended, old man.)