19 September 2006

Clearing out my Phone

It's never too late for a spring clean, so I'm deleting the photos in my phone. Rather than ditch the old pics, I thought I'd post some of them here for posterity. Or is it prosperity? Whatever.
Once again, sorry for the lame photos. I'll get some gorgeous autumn shots when the leaves change colour.

Starting with the old, here's part of the Imperial Palace, if you can see it in that light.

Some temples around Asakusa.

Very rare to see an empty train around these parts, ne? This was on the way to the airport,

after a wee, cheeky visit to Prada.

The bright lights of Shinjuku...

and the Oompa Loompas in Hiroo last Christmas.

And finally, a bird's eye view from the fire escape at work. The tall building is the Sunshine Building in Ikebukuro. I took this last summer, when it was actually hot and sunny and... summer. Not this never-ending continuation of the rainy season.


  1. I'm always amazed at the quality of cell phone pics here...which one do you have?

    I can't believe the empty train must have photoshopped it ;)

  2. hi vk, yeah, i should stop blaming my phone and just admit i take shite pics. i've got a KDDI Sanyo W31SA. it's not my dream phone, but it still rocks.
    hehe, the empty train was a sight to behold! i took the pic at ueno, but it filled up a lot more as we travelled towards narita.

  3. Nice pics! And thanks for the Bush countdown! I've, um, actually "lifted" it from your website and added it to mine. Hope you don't mind! {grin}

  4. hey at! good to see you. no probs about 'lifting' the countdown - that's exactly what it's there for.

  5. I really like the first shot actually!!! I am going to the Sunshine Building this weekend for a friends birthday party. 58th floor, a whole room to ourselves to drink and eat great food while dressed to the nines! Will try and take a shot from the top!!!

  6. have a great time there, lulu.

  7. hey great photos! your trash is anothers treasure.. thanks!

  8. thanks sarah. hope it's not making you too homesick for tokes!
    i haven't forgotten you, and your email is still in my inbox. i am waaay behind at the moment. i'll be in touch soon.
    how did the job interview go? you coming over?

  9. They aren't bad shots for a camera, not great but not bad.
    The first 4 photos are they places you pass daily?

  10. I've got Vodafone Sanyo 801! And I thought your pics were lovely!

  11. hi renwick, er, thanks. i think. i don't pass those places very often. the palace is in the centre of tokyo and those particular shrines are in asakusa, which is north-east tokyo.

    vk, looks like sanyos are the way to go! and thank you for saying my shoddy photography is lovely. although you know that will just encourage me to post more crud...