5 September 2006

His Message.

The last thing that rambunctious Steve Irwin, a.k.a. the television star affectionately known as the 'Crocodile Hunter' cares about is image. Not his own, nor the obvious criticism that Irwin's image of the Australian male is somewhat stereotypical.

"I've never thought that, mate, never procrastinated. You know what? I'm too busy for all of that. I don't stop and dwell on ANYTHING," Irwin insists. "I'm a wildlife warrior through and through and I KNOW what I've gotta do, I'm very proud of what I do and I'll die doin' it. And basically, mate, I don't give a rip what anybody thinks; I DO NOT CARE. I've got a message that's goin' out to 500,000,000 people right now, this moment on the television, and crikey, who knows how many people will watch the movie. I've got more important things to think about than what others think of me."

Oh, and while he appears to be a typical Aussie, there's one thing that sets him apart from your average Australian bloke. "I don't drink and isn't that what Australians are known for?" he laughingly questions.

Irwin has been fighting for animal conservation now for over a decade and remains fiercely optimistic. "What I'm currently seeing with my own eyes is fantastic, mate. I think global awareness in terms of conservation is really starting to come into the fore of people's brains, rather than the arse. That's exciting, and I'm seeing quite a massive global push towards wildlife conservation."

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  1. I'm still shocked by this. I wonder if we'll ever get over the "tall poppy syndrome" in Oz?

  2. hi vk, to be honest i doubt we will. our media has so much to answer to/for.