8 September 2006

Lots of Pillows!

Continuing the theme of all things gimmicky, I recently checked out Asia de Cushion in Shinjuku after reading a review about it in Metropolis. How could I resist the lure of shag carpet, heaps of cushions, drapes seductively separating the booths, and sunken tables that provided enough privacy to play footsies. To say nothing of GG's best friend: candlelight.

The bar was empty when we first arrived, but was full by the time we left.

A long table runs the length of the room, and private booths are curtained off on either side.

The food was delicious, the wine cool enough to quench even my thirst and the service impeccable. The wander back to the station in the humid 27-degree heat at 10.30pm was made bearable by a serving of frozen fruit from a streetside stand.

Er, not from this streetside stand, though. I didn't get a photo of the frozen fruit. But it was good.


  1. I so need to move to Tokyo one day so I can play footsie while sitting on a pillow at a big, long table. The big, long tables you get here are in beer halls and if you try to rub someone's leg they'll likely fall over because they're so drunk. heh.

  2. ach, i've been in austrian beer halls and i assume they're of a similar ilk? for the record, austrian beer halls are so much more fun! (there's that tiny matter of cultural difference. see future posts about that.)