27 September 2006

Portia de Rossi and I are 83% Similar

I know some of you out there are dead keen to know what I look like. Rather than post a photo of my sweet self here, I thought I'd give you a little glimpse of how the glamourous GG appears to the casual observer. The program scanned a photo of Yours Truly and matched my face with its vast database of celebrities. I tried it with two photos: one of them matched 80% with Raquel Welch. Haha, ahem. And this one was 83% with pretty Portia.

Personally, I'm surprised they didn't match me with Wilma Flintstone. I think I look like a scrawny cartoon character in this pic.

The things I do for you.


  1. Nice matches! On some blogs I've read people were matched with the opposite sex!

  2. hi vk. there are some nice and very surprising matches there. of course i look nothing like any of them. er, i am relieved that there were no male matches though.

  3. I can totally picture your face in my head now, no paper bag for you me girl, I used plastic for the last one, well at least I got a happy ending.

  4. old knudsen, yay, you're still alive. and pulling chicks by the sound of it. of course, i am quite partial to your particular brand of charm. what's not to like about your jock placing a bag over your head?