17 October 2006

Am I a Skanky Ho? Vote Now.

The lovely Vernicious Knids commented that my new avatar (blog photo) is 'very sensual'. I haven't quite decided if I like it yet, so I am running a little poll as to whether it should stay on the blog.

I found the pic on a
poster website and thought it looked very 'arty' and that the colours would suit the GGSA colour scheme, or lack thereof. However, since seeing it on other peoples' sites where I have left comments, I now think it looks kinda slutty and it has lost its art-like appeal. (Yes, I'm a serial commenter and think it's polite to leave a comment if you're reading something that someone has put time and effort into creating. And yes, that is a dig at all of you who never comment.) Now I can't decide if I should keep the avatar or not. I know the old man likes it, but he also finds this attractive, so I can't entirely trust his judgment.

I have always had an idea about the photo I wanted for the blog, but I reckon I'll probably leave Japan before I get it sorted. Additionally, the next chapter in GGSA may well involve me wearing a kilt, and gaijin girl might be transformed into gaelic girl.

Vote now! Choose your answer from the drop-down list in the box on the right and/or leave a comment below. I need feedback, people.

Update: OK, I give up. Here's the easy option.
Click here to go to the poll. Can't believe I even bothered persevering with this.


  1. There is nothing wrong with Gloria Hunniford, now thats a real woman, I don't know if its me or you but your right side is completely blank to my old eyes.

  2. Well, I guess Gloria would appeal to you, old man, although I didn't realise you fancied them so much younger than your good self.
    See the post above, but it wasn't your poor old eyes. I do hope you're resting them, dearie.

  3. The photo is a little suggestive but I shouldn't worry, as you point out, it is also 'arty' so that should make it ok, plus it is relevant to Japan and all that isn't it? If anyone does call you a skanky ho just thank them and return the compliment. I think your old man is right - that is attractive (and maybe you are secretly glad that he thinks so?)

    I do like your byline!


  4. hi skanky jane,

    cheers for stopping by. thanks for your feedback - it means more coming from a fellow skank. i'll probably keep the ho look as i can't be arsed finding another avatar at the moment.
    you're right, gg has been dancing around in front of old knudsen but he's not interested. he's too caught up with gloria. that's why her attention is now back to becks.

  5. A white Australian woman living in Tokyo and using the wordHo to describe someone is just too bizarre.

  6. i also write it as 'hoor'. what can i say, i'm an international gal/girl/chick/woman/bird/broad/sheila.

  7. You're just looking for the same thing as the rest of us.

  8. a night of lovin' with david beckham?

  9. I still think you should keep it GG...and I went for the "superhero" vote!

  10. thanks vk, i think i will keep it for a while. and thanks for the superhero vote. i figure if i tell enough people, someone might believe it one day!