15 October 2006

Animal Behaviour

at Ueno Zoo today. Starting with a tiny gibbon...


  1. These pictures remind me of an idea I have for a TV show, its called, 'I wonder what that tastes like' its a mix of wildlife and cooking, I Love Polar Bears but I couldn't eat a whole one.

  2. yup, i can see your idea taking off, old man. it will be the key to your fame and fortune. no, wait, you're already the most famous blogger on the interweb. but i'm sure it will make you rich.

  3. Famous or infamous?!

    The restrictive cages and excessive concrete at Ueno zoo depresses me...Tama zoo is slightly more ecologically aware...but only slightly! Nice photos though.

  4. vk, i actually expected it to be a lot worse to be honest. perhaps i've become concretesised (new word - immune to concrete) after living here. It is terribly sad to see the animals living that way. at the same time, i adore animals and love watching them, so i'll take whatever i can get as i can't have a pet here.
    thanks, i can't tell you how pleased i am with those photos. animals are quick feckers and will move around a lot so i couldn't believe i got the shots i did.