10 October 2006

Another Meme

Thanks to Vernicious Knids from whom I pilfered this meme! Here's wotcha do:
  • Grab the book nearest to you and open to page twelve
  • Find the third sentence
  • Then find the fourth word in that sentence
  • Do a Google image search on that word only, choose the fifth image and post the resulting picture to your blog, along with your search word and these tips so others can join the party.

I can't believe I got this picture for the word in the book when all the images surrounding it were so much better.

The book: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying - Sogyal Rinpoche

Prize goes to the person who can guess the search word... and no cheating.


  1. King? oh I don't know, I wouldn't of come here if I knew there was gonna be a test, it looks like a monty python rip off, if I'm right do I get a prize? is it shiny? what are you doing with that kind book around, I thought you were a Jackie Collins type, I feel so betrayed, so about this prize.

  2. Someone you don't know.October 10, 2006

    The word is hatstand, or is that two words? do I get a prize?

  3. Oohh you added a twist...excellent!

    "Farcical" is my guess!

  4. old man: 'king' is an ok guess, i suppose, although i don't know that king is in the realm of buddhism. perhaps buddha is the king of cool or meditation or something.
    i don't think you're my favourite anymore after that jackie collins reference. i thought you had more respect for me.

    someone you don't know [hehe, yeah right, very subtle you are!]: 'hatstand' is an ingenious guess, but unfortunately, not correct. i do admire your persistence though. there is indeed a prize, as i am very confident that no one will guess the word (without cheating), but i've not yet decided what it is. it may well be shiny.

    vk: 'farcical' is also a good guess. i do like that word. however, it's probably more applicable to my own life rather than the life [and death] depicted in the book. good try mate.

  5. King of beers, king of kings, the guy in the picture had a crown. I'll respect ya in the morning if ya make me a nice wee cup of tea,I like the fat baldy Buddha, hes jolly, is the word enlightenment? thats always being used, how many guesses do I have?

  6. tea? i'd cook you the whole damn fry up, old man. i'm sure it would be very good for your heart. hehe.
    nope, it's not enlightenment, but you can have as many guesses as you need coz you'll never get it.

  7. I thought I'd cracked it with farcical...okay then I'll guess "the"...did I win, did I win?!

  8. No, I'm going to win, its 'mind'.

    You see the gate was opened thus releasing thoughts about the holy grail movie or at least a cheap rip off.

    You know where to send the prize too, big fry up? I want you now.

  9. nice to see two of my three readers taking the time to battle out this most noble of challenges. have you two met? vernicious knids, this is old knudsen. old man, this is vernicious knids.
    in order to prevent this from being painfully drawn out (more than it already has), i shall give you a hint. the word begins with the letter B.

    vk: sorry. 'the' is a good guess, but no luck.

    old man: 'mind' is also good, but is incorrect.
    if i'd known a big fry up was all it was going to take, i would have started cooking months ago. i'm yours, baby.

  10. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu old knudsen san...


  11. Bless you, verniciousknids, ok now to get down to business, its a 'B' word huh? ok then I guess Castle, is it castle?, only kidding, the word is ' baldric ' I thankyou, now for my prize.

  12. thanks for your guesses, vk and old man. neither were correct so, in a long overdue move, i shall nip this thing in the bud and let you know what the word was. drumroll please for anticlimax:

    'begins' (which was actually written in your clue.)

    thanks for playing and i shall store the (shiny) prize at gg headquarters for the next rivetting competition here on ggsa! (which will never happen.)

  13. I was robbed, I was just about to say begins or was it big gins?

  14. are a fiendish plotter GG!

  15. I know this is an old thread but I saw the meme on my last visit here and thought "I'll come back to this". I had not heard of a meme (in this context) before but like the idea because it connects with my own proclivity for games and 'random encounters'.

    It took me quite a while to find GG and this meme again so even though the thread is old I'm going to join in and post this meme on my blog. It's a better meme than a lot of others I have seen today (while trying to find you again). I'd like to invent one that is relevant to my blog - eventually.


    SJ xx

    *united we skank*

  16. sj, you have indeed proved yourself a worthy skank if you have a proclivity for games and random encounters. i like your style.
    glad you like the meme, although i can't take credit for it, of course. i'll be interested to see how yours pans out. i shall also put some of my considerable free time towards creating a meme that reflects your site (that i spent some time digging about in today.)

    *skanks unite!*