16 October 2006

Because He's Worth It

Found this photo while randomly surfing the other day. No, I had not put "I love David Beckham" into a search engine. Really.

I'm posting this simply because he looks so damn fine.


  1. He's good to look at and I appreciate his ball skills...but when he opens his mouth and that bizarre high pitched squark comes out...the effect is ruined for me!

    BTW a very sensual avatar you've chosen for likey!

  2. hi vk, the man is a total god! er, yes, until he opens his mouth. but let's face it, who wants to chat with him? that's what friends are for.

    thanks for the avatar feedback. you can still vote in the poll, if you like.

  3. Finally validation, the first time I saw him I thought, this bloke is very pretty, then he talked, it doesn't matter how pretty he is with a squeaky voice like that, thats God playing a wee joke, he probably gave him a small willy too, just shut your mouth play ball and pose alot, I really don't care for his attitude.

  4. what's your beef with becks, old man? as long as he's good in the sack, he can have any attitude he likes coz i won't be listening.

  5. Look David, its a camera, try not to get whiplash turning to pose, and to think you took offense at the jackie Collins remark, you Jezebel.

  6. i don't want david to come between us, old man, but he is my true love. and there's no need to be calling me names.