8 October 2006


In further news about men and their balls, the team from my spiritual home, Scotland, threw its leg over France to win 1-0 in its tap-dancing journey to attain the aesthetically challenged World Cup trophy.

Check out interviews with the man of the moment, Gary Caldwell, who is such a sweetie, and Scotland's manager, Walter Smith. I was really struck by both blokes' understated and self-effacing attitudes.

I also had to giggle when Smith referred to the win as 'lovely' and that they were all 'delighted'. Aww, bless!

Apparently, there was also a grand prix and some tennis tournament happening here in Japan, but this roving reporter has absolutely no interest in either, so get those updates elsewhere.

ER, UPDATE: Because I'm a dickhead, I mixed up the competitions. The match wasn't anything to do with the World Cup, but was for UEFA Euro 2008, the trophy for which is suitably trophy-like. Who the hell has ever heard of that, anyway? Hey, I never said I followed football, I was brought up on cricket.

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  1. It was a good try lass,who likes to see the froggies win? if only they put up such an effort against the nazis, but no, football 'is' a little more serious.

  2. What do you mean aesthetically challenged?

    You can celebrate all you want, so long as you know that your spirit will always belong to the British Crown, which really means the English Crown, which actually means a bunch of Germans, one of whom recently attended a party dressed as a Nazi. Essentially your spirit is owned by Nazis, but don't tell Knudsen, he'll only wet himself again.

  3. Your update made me do the comments above!

  4. yay, it's my favourite old man... good to see you're still with us. why are you brits so determined to keep WWII alive? that's, like, so yesterday! there's a whole new war now. you gotta keep up with the times.

    hey kieran - thanks for popping by.
    aesthetically challenged = dog ugly. don't you think it looks like a child's half-arsed creation? it's like one of those ink-blots and i see people melting in lava and screaming and reaching for help.
    and on that note, i guess it's safe to say i have no spirit so i guess i can't belong to anyone. least of all a nazi version of harry (the mere mention of which may excite knudsen into an apoplectic fit).

    hi vk, yup, sad but true. the commenters are funnier and more entertaining than the post.