31 October 2006

GG - The Ugly Stepsister

It's been raining a lot over the last month or six. And I don't mean rain like that half-arsed drizzle that gently falls over most of Britain all the time; I mean bucketing down, torrential rain that washes away the little old people that always seem to be getting washed away in my posts. Where do they all keep coming from?

Anyways, due to the freakin' incessant rain, I discovered that none of my shoes are waterproof, which means the majority of my days have been spent with the indignity and discomfort of wet socks. Nothing is more annoying -- except the fact that my feet are one centimetre bigger than the largest female shoe size sold in Japan (yes, the shoes sizes here are in centimetres). If they sell them in my size, I have yet to find them.

I'd love to say that I bought a pair of strappy, stiletto type shoes, but the sad reality is that I probably won't find any, unless I happen upon a shop that sells footwear to drag queens. Plus, I live in runners (sneakers/trainers) and stilettos wouldn't help as I do my mad dash to work every morning. And I really don't need the extra height. I stand out enough as it is.

Last night, I played the ugly stepsister and was trying to squeeze my foot into a cool pair of Skechers when the shop assistant very politely pushed me in the direction of the mens department. With a red face, and hanging my head in shame, I skulked down the stairs. Fortunately, there was a very genki guy there who spoke enough English to help me out and seemed sympathetic to my plight. They didn't have any Skechers in that male bastion, but I bounced out in a similar-looking pair of runners. Men's runners.

To crucify myself further, I popped into Zara to drool over some fabulous winter coats and dresses -- none of which fit. Er, why I am here again?


  1. Hey GG, If you don't mind paying a little extra for shoes then try Oioi, model section. Or look up Tulsa time (there is one in Kichijoji and another in Harajuku above good honest grub) as they sometimes have bigger sizes.

    I swear...what do tall, big footed Japanese girls do?

    I am a 25 so sometimes I find shoes that fit but not very often...

  2. For a second, I thought you had finally posted a picture of yourself. But then I realized you had quit smoking.

    I like Asia for one of the same reasons you don't -- I thought I'd have to go my whole life without having a chance to say, "sorry, do you have this in an extra large?" Guess it's different on the flip side, though.

  3. Like Lulu said, Marui Model is a lifesaver as is Isetan's "Clover" section. Also Washington Shoes in Ginza does larger sizes. For basic work shoes, Jusco stores and Ito Yokado sometimes do larger sizes...but they seem to sell out very quickly.

    But I buy most of my shoes when I I'm not keen on the stilettos that are everywhere here! I prefer chunkier heels ;)

  4. thanks lulu - i'll scrounge some yen together and check out your suggestions. i have heard kichijoji is great for shopping, so i plan to head there soon to find a pair of winter boots.

    hamish - fair call. my non-smoking is not-happening, so this chick and i could be twins - except for the fact that my makeup is isn't applied as well as hers, and my hair actually has decent height, unlike her lank locks. my cleavage is better, too.

    vk - thanks to you, too, for the advice. er, my runners are my work shoes. one of the reasons i stick with the clown is because of the casual dress/shoe policy. heck, it's the only reason. chunky heels rule!