17 October 2006

New Addiction to Polls.

How much does IE suck?
A lot
A little
I love IE (coz I lose).
What's IE?
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  1. According to George Bush, Supreme Overlord of Shrubberies and Grand Master of Ceremonies at the Council of Reformed Hollow Legs:

    "I believe that fish and humans can peacefully coexist."

    Just put "Dubya" in Google and let your fingers do the walking.

    Or perhaps he was trying to work a deal with our undersea allies in the War on Terror.

    Feeling less terrorized yet?

  2. Lol...IE sucks but I love it!....coding for anything else is just such a nightmare I have to love it ;o)

  3. Hi Gaijin Girl, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm glad you're enjoying my music, it's so nice to hear when people are.

    PS. IE sucks a very big lot.

  4. forty_two, as long as dubya exists, people will be terrorised. i did the google search as suggested and had a good laugh at the site. and then i cried. what a complete buffoon.

    gemmak, thanks for swinging by. i'm impressed that you're so clever with coding and, er, stuff like that. i am a total novice and get very frustrated by my lack of knowing how to makes things pretty.

    erica ordinary, your music soothed my soul when i was at work today. it's also nice to hear about what's happening at home that i'm missing out on.
    [yes, IE does suck a very big lot.]

  5. I also chose the "suck a lot" option!