17 October 2006

The Poll

Please note that I deleted the original post here, as it was serving no purpose and was not furthering the greater good of mankind in any way. OK, so none of this crud does, but this was a particularly vile projectile of hatred towards Blogger and Internet Explorer, neither of which will change because I rant about how fucking useless they are.

I also thought the original post may confuse newcomers who are drawn in against their will by the spunky new avatar on GGSA. Despite my not being able to place the poll in the sidebar (which was the cause of my rage), you can vote here as to whether you think the blog photo should stay.

Thank you and please call again.


  1. Oh luv! You poor thing! Sounds like everything is getting a bit much for you and you are in need of a wine or two! I suspect it may be overdue considering the rant about your office freaks and the hissy fit about blogger... Free for a catch up on Friday night after work? BTW, I love your avatar! I say keep it! That's my vote! Hang in for the rest of the day! And let me know about Friday... (I probably should have sent you a proper mail about it, but am too lazy on this sunny autumn afternoon!)

  2. hi nooh, god i can't believe how much time i wasted on this today.
    do you not have any of those freaky things happening at your work? at and vk both do - perhaps we lucked out in the freaksville stakes.
    drink on fridee night sounds good. shinjuku somewhere?

  3. Nah, GG! They are here as well! Sometimes I just cant get my head around the things that go on in this Nuthouse! And I speak the local lingo, so you would think that I should be able to catch on.
    Friday in the City of Lost Souls sounds good then! Will be in touch...

  4. Excuse me, some people are trying to comment here, now what was I saying, nope its gone.

  5. cheers nooh. does shinjuku mean city of lost souls? i love that.

    sorry to ruin the mood, old man.

  6. Hey GG... Shinjuku actually literally means "new dwelling", but the east side of the station where you find Kabuki-cho and the all the seedy joints is often referred to a City of Lost Souls, cos that is where all the runaways flee to to make a living in the red-light district and also cos there are so many homeless around that area. The place never sleeps. And it just happens to be a 15-minute walk from where I live... It was also the area that a lot of Lost in Translation was filmed. If you saw it you might remember the scene where they are running through neon-lit streets, well that is the main drag in front of Kabuki-cho... Anyway, I will be in touch with a time and place. Check out thistravel writeup on Shinjuku and Tokyo... quite interesting..

    And, Old Man, sorry for cramping your style there and monopoloizing GG's comment space! I bet you would fit right in on the East side of Shinjuku!!! :)

  7. ah, perhaps that's why i feel so at home in kabuki-cho - it's the city of lost souls and mine seems to have gone missing.
    i haven't seen Lost in Translation yet as i figure i'm living it every day, so i'll wait til i leave japan and will watch it if i ever get homesick for concrete and blindingly bright lights.

    that was an interesting article in the age - thanks for that. talk to you soon.

  8. man, i wish i could hang out in kabuki-cho.

    when are we gonna see a real pic of the gg?

  9. h, something tells me you would love kabuki-cho. purely from a cultural perspective, of course.
    i'll publish a photo of myself when you do, [therefore, never] although i may do another poll as to whether i should or not...
    if you hadn't been gallivanting around the world, i'm sure fatman would have shown you photos of me if you had caught up with him. i think he's been showing my atrocious mug around europe, well, russia anyway.