1 October 2006

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon and Subsequent Boring Post

I've been wondering where one of my little grey socks went, and assumed it had travelled to the land of little grey socks. Just popped outside to put on a load of washing (even superheroes need clean smalls) and saw that it was on the ground. Yay. (And yes, it's freaking raining again.) Went to pick it up and noticed this monster on it. I think it's a moth of some sort. A very big moth of some sort.

Needless to say, the sock remains where it is.

I think the look on Big Bad Barry Hall's face kinda sums up the mood at GG Headquarters today. I took this from the big screen at the embassy yesterday.


  1. Sorry your team lost, but at least it's pretty cool that you can party at your embassy. At our's here in Frankfurt, you have to (literally) take a number to stand in line to get inside the security checkpoint building to get inside the complex. And you can't even carry a cell phone inside. It's not that much fun.

  2. Poor should drown your sorrows with some Ginza Cocktail Mango - not that I condone drinking as a solution to laundry problems ;)

  3. hi h, you're still about? yay. i actually barrack for richmond and was just rooting for sydney on the day. sounds like your embassy in frankfurt sucks big time. it's totally relaxed at the aussie one here and so sweet to hear the japanese guards saying g'day. everyone's really mellow, laidback, and friendly, which is why i like going there so much. i miss those qualities.

    vk, i encourage drinking as a solution for everything - problematic or not. i saw your post about the ginza cocktail mango and am well keen to down half a dozen or so. i'll try 'em out next month as i'm also off the booze (sigh) whilst i rid myself of nicotine, which is soooo boring i can't tell you.