7 November 2006

Look at the Pretty Handbag!

Er, I mean, building.
In Ikebukuro.
Update: I've started walking to and from work, and I pass through many completely different landscapes. It's too dark to get any decent pics, but here are a couple from this eve...

My nephew was recently in Japan on a homestay and he commented that the cars here are really square. Or something. I personally have absolutely no interest in cars, and they could be oblong and bedazzled for all I'd notice. Anyway, this is for Ben - some sparkling, shiny (square?) taxis.

Then a casual meander down a thoroughfare in Ikebukuro. The street is comparatively empty and the photo doesn't do it justice, as you don't hear the music blaring from loudspeakers, people talking into their mobile phones, and the blast of noise from pachinko parlours. Nor do you get the whole benefit of all the neon and flashing lights...

The station is the hardest part to get through as there are simply so many freakin' people, and I've yet to work out my route around it. However, once I'm through, the transformation to quiet, tradional looking streets is remarkable. Until a train whizzes by...


  1. Their cities look like the inside of a casino.

  2. Ben is very correct. And they aren't just square, they're square in a most satisfying way. Like a custard cream or a bourbon or a matchbox. I can't stop looking at the cars. It's just so...perfect.

  3. LOL...I want that handbag!

  4. forty_two - i think the urban landscape here is gorgeous. like nothing else i've ever seen. just walking down the street even sounds like a casino too. visual and auditory overload - i love it!

    kieran - what is it with you boys and cars? i don't get it. i'm more impressed that the driver has a button (or something) to make the doors open and close so you don't need to do it yourself. or perhaps that's my innate laziness just shining through.

    vk - i think every girl needs a handbag like that!

  5. I've been to a casino only once. It's visually and auditorily stunning, but watching old people plug money into slot machines faster than the Bush girls drink was very depressing. I saw a woman in a wheel chair with an oxygen line in her nose dropping quarters into machines on either side of her. Talk about exploitation. The casino bussed them in from a wrinkle village.

  6. i love the pics and the blog! keep walking and keep clicking!


  7. hi gaijin girl,

    been following your blog for almost two months now and it always makes me laugh. there are some candid observations you make about japan, too, which i can relate to.

    sorry if i'm asking too much, but i was a journalist back home and i wrote in English. it's tough to find a journo job without knowing much Japanese. wondering if there are other companies like the one you're with, who also need "rewriters"? been trawling job sites and most editorial jobs need a high level of japanese which i don't have.

    hope to hear from you at my address:

    keep up the great entries :-)

  8. anonymous, check yer email. always happy to try to help out...

  9. gg,
    Where are you? Haven't heard anything from you in awhile so hope all is well!!

    Hope you haven't given up blogging!!!

    Are you heading home for christmas?

    Take care,

  10. You still gaijinning? Where art thou?