13 December 2006

Autumn Leaves. Then Winter Comes...

My photographic representation of an impressionist painting.

Last Sunday, while four states in Australia had bushfires burning out of control, and Melbourne had a high of over 42 degrees Celsius and a thick blanket of smoke hovering over the state, I popped along to look at the fiery colours of the leaves in Yoyogi Park. The park is one of the largest in Tokyo and, including Meiji Shrine, covers a land area of approximately 175,000 acres - a mini forest in the middle of Tokes. It felt like being in bushland in Australia and it was rejuvenating to wander along the paths and soak in the energy from the trees and plants. It was so quiet and peaceful. I couldn't help but think of the firestorms at home and how people are losing their homes and livelihood and how hectares of natural bushland and many species of wildlife are being destroyed.

Click the photos to enlarge.

Wandered around the shrine to pay my respects to the Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken, who died in 1912 and 1914, respectively. Meiji Shrine was built to honour them.

Walking to the beat of my own (gigantic) drum

I'm not sure what this tree is called, or even what kind of tree it is, as we all know what a shite tour guide I am. I'll call it the prayer tree because people write their prayers down and leave them here. I am nothing, if not a literal lass.

Perhaps you could spare a thought or a prayer to your deity of choice for the people fighting the bushfires in Australia.


  1. It's fun seeing other people's photos of Japan...Meiji jingu is always lovely in Autumn.

    Don't you wish we could send some of Japan's rain to Australia...where it's really needed.

  2. vk - yup, it is lovely. i really need to take advantage of the beautiful parks and gardens here for some respite from the crowds and noise.

    i know, i can't believe there's been such a bad drought and the water restrictions have been in place for years and now they've got to try to put out these fires. it's just tragic.

  3. Hey GG,
    Glad to see you are back posting. The bush fire news from Australia is devestating...It always happens so close to christmas and you forget how much it is ruining others lives..

    Your photos of Yoyogi and Meiji Jingu are amazing. I didn`t get there this autumn but I know what you mean about getting out and about and going to parks and stuff because it feels like a a completely different world. I live less than 5 minutes from Inokashira Koen and I didn`t even get down there. I am so slack!!

    You lost your bloggin mojo and it came back just as I have lost mine!!

  4. hi lulu, ya, i hope everyone is ok is oz.
    i found it made such a difference to hang in the park for a few hours. good to be around the green stuff. sorry you've lost your mojo, but you can always post a meme!

  5. My Mojo is sickly must be time to insult someone, nice pictures.

    Not that wasn't an insult.

  6. you're getting soft, knudsen-san. ach, behind yer gruff exterior, i always knew you had a soft spot for me. shucks.