12 December 2006

I Was AWOL, But Have Returned With a Whiny Vengeance!

I think this is the longest I've gone without posting some crud or other. Cheers to those of you who have continued to stop by in the vain hope that I have left a morsel for you to nibble on, a cyber crumb, a mere taster of the glorious posts to come. Fools. You're on the wrong freakin' blog. Thanks for the comments and emails, though, inquiring about my possible demise - I'm back to say, I'm alive and still drinking.

It's been a funny couple of months. I applied for a job in London in October and had a phone interview for it last week. I have wanted to get my arse back to the UK for years, so I was ecstatic to get an interview with a company that would sort all the visa details. Bugger: despite the fact I completely faffed the interview, I won't accept the job even on the off chance they offer it to me (find out next week) as it's not quite the opportunity I thought it was. In the epoch between the application and finding out more about the job in the interview, I mentally left Japan. In my mind I was walking the
streets of London, kicking up the papers, with my worn out shoes... Hey! Hang on. That scenario is all wrong. In my mind, I was kicking up the papers with a pair of brand spankin' new heels. Why? Because I could find feckers that fit. Indeed, I was dreaming of a whole new wardrobe of smart clothes that fit, not the tatty threads I wear here. In winter. In my dream I could read street signs and could understand the conversations of the folk around me. I was wondering if it would be like being deaf and suddenly getting your hearing back - would I be overwhelmed by the influx of voices and words that I could actually comprehend? I'm so used to walking around in my own world and have got used to blocking out the foreign sounds. Yet when I hear English speakers in a context where I'm not expecting it, the sounds are grating and don't fit in with the flow of the humming sounds around me. In my dream, I wasn't worried about earthquakes and fretting about how pear-shaped things would be if there was a natural disaster, not only due to the, er, natural disaster, but also because of my Japanese language lack. I was imagining living in a country where I could meet blokes that don't have a 'thing' for Asian chicks. Gaijin girls may as well be invisible here and that doesn't do much for one's confidence. It does work out for some girls, but it gets tedious living somewhere where the odds are stacked against you from the start.

Ah, I have a dream...

And that is to leave the Clown. Working for that man is depressing and soul destroying. A big part of coming to Japan was to try to get work with an international company so I could eventually live in the UK. The interview last week was the end of that dream as I decided that if it didn't work out (which it didn't) I would go back to Melbourne. I looked around my apartment at the stuff I've accumulated in my time here and got to work. And when I say apartment, I mean room. But I like my room - it's GG Headquarters, the control centre and thriving hub of... well, nothing really; I just like calling it GGHQ. I started sorting through stuff and throwing out anything I had no need for, which was basically most of it. Then, in a strange turn of events, I met a friend for lunch on Sunday. That in itself was not strange - I often meet friends for lunch. What was strange was her idea to get me a job in the finance company where she works. GG in finance, eh? I laughed hard. The irony was not lost on me as I am in debt up to my eyeballs and live week to week on a pitiful salary that would make the kiddies in the
sweatshops guffaw before they were forced back to work for taking an unauthorised break from their drudgery. I can't see it working out somehow, as there is nothing remotely finance-like in my background, but I'll go for it and if that doesn't pan out then watch out Melbourne...
GG's coming home.


  1. You'll get something, just tell them you know me, oh I'm under a different name here as Blooper is strong arming me to become a master Beta.
    No Surrender!

  2. so i'll tell 'em i know old knudsen and fake knudsen and old bitter balls and fake old bitter balls and no balls and black balls...

    that should get me in, master beater.

  3. Welcome back...ah the pleasures of unlimited shopping and the glory of sizes that fit...a girl can dream!

  4. vk - and it's just a dream for me. i haven't left tokes for 18 months and i really need a break. and a big shopping trip! shame i can't play the lottery here...

  5. bogenschutzerDecember 14, 2006

    old melb town could do with a GG who needs a new HQ. Our spare room is all broadbanded up so you can continue from here!!

  6. thanks darlin'. i may well be taking you up on that before you know it.
    miss you. x