1 January 2007

All is Quiet on New Year's Day

2007 so far:

Drinking copious amounts of Champagne in various bars around Tokyo - finishing up at Heartland in the 'Pong.

Singing along loudly to The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD at 3.00am at a friend's place.

Crashing out fully clothed on their spare bed.

Sleeping off Champagne. Surfacing at around 3.00pm to take dodgy and shaky photo of Azabujuban from their balcony (see above).

Watching ABBA special on TV.

Staggering back to GGHQ.

Eating pasta and drinking mineral water.

Playing on computer.

Not that different from 2006, really. Here's hoping things get more exciting as the year kicks off.

I had to publish this photo as the multi-level expressways are my new obsession. Prepare to be excited as I'll be writing a lot more about them this year. No, no need to thank me - it's the least I can do.


  1. If you bump into someone called Hiro, please say Lynn (his English teacher) says Hi. He lives in Tokyo.
    What? He's got to be somewhere, hasn't he? lol. Keep your eyes peeled.

  2. lynn - welcome and thanks for reading!
    omg, i think i know hiro. is he kinda short with black hair and brown eyes? i reckon i've seen him about tokes a fair bit. i'll give him yer regards when i next see him. :)

  3. Nothing like dancing queen to start your new year properly... happy '07!

  4. hey b - happy new year to you, too! hope it's a great one for you.
    ah, we watched abba as there was nothing else on and it was too painful to walk to get another dvd off the shelf. i think it actually made my head feel worse.