29 January 2007

Personal Development

During a recent existential crisis, a friend very wisely stated that I have to figure out what I want in life. After pondering this long and hard, I think I've established an action plan to bring about change. The plan incorporates not only things I've known for a while, but also a newly realised perspective on this burden we call life.

As is painfully obvious, this blog is not used as a dumping ground for my intuitively profound and insightful ideas and thoughts about life and the world in general. I will, however, share the first (and only) thing on my list that will pretty much make my life complete once installed at GGHQ.

The Eropod500:

It's almost worth getting knee-capped for.


  1. I'm with Ricky Gervais on this one. People in wheelchairs are just being lazy. Now with the Eropod 500 these selfish b-stards don't even have to leave their beds ever again.

  2. OMG GG! What a I think I've seen everything! LOL! ;)

  3. This is great for people who can no longer move around easily, for whatever reason. I should imagine it makes life worth living again.

  4. I hear the Eropod 1000 comes with an IV and a bedpan.

  5. So what is this thing about Australian girls liking to be flat on their backs?
    Though I must say I'd rather have one of those whizzy workstations looming over me than some sweaty bloke.

  6. fatty: well, ricky's never wrong.
    it's a life i can only aspire to - i've got the laziness sorted, now just need a valid disability to justify it.
    god bless the makers of the eropod 500.

    ame: if it only took the eropod 500 for you to have seen everything, i want your life! stories on blog please! :)

    lynn: i agree it will open up a whole new world for some folk, which is fantastic. i still think it could be well adapted into my own humble life, though.

    hame: throw in a lifetime of delivery pizza and i'm upgrading. (echo?!)

    dive: i'm such a lazy geek i would also rather have one of these than some sweaty bloke. unless he's ewan mcgregor, david beckham, robbie williams...
    i'm not entirely sure about this aussie girls stereotype you speak of. i know i prefer to be a bit more proactive.

  7. Hee hee.
    I just clicked on the GGHQ link.

  8. hehe, yay, it's a bit of a running gag. there are quite a few, although i'm quite sure i'm the only who finds them even remotely entertaining.

  9. I think I've found Heaven! Definitely better tha a sweaty bloke! Although, I'd like a bigger monitor...maybe it IS all about size. . .hm?

  10. at: i reckon this is gonna be girl's next best friend. well, this one anyhoo. bigger monitor, you say? i think i'd be happy with the three depicted in the photo here. i'd name them ewan, dave and robbie.

  11. I got the cockmaster 3000 and wasn't very impressed.

  12. hmmm you do some interesting things with that contraption.

  13. old man: you are a true hornivore.

    rich: and you're a shape-shifter. your chameleon-like powers are quite extraordinary.

  14. I really have to stop commenting before coffee.

    Your HQ is lovely, my dear. Enjoy your lovely new work station.

  15. no worries, sassy. i took the liberty of sweeping up the tumbleweed blowing about from your clean up, too. if only i could do the same for gghq.
    thank you so much! i didn't know we could delete our own comments! all those stupid songs i've left, all the wise cracks that so did not sound wise after i'd hit 'publish'... all of it. i'll disappear off comment cyber space now that i can get rid of my own crud. you're a star, and the blog world will thank you.
    as i also do for your lovely sentiments in your comment.