9 January 2007

Where's Wally?

Not sure where Wally is these days, but the cutting-edge funster, Waldo, has put in an appearance in Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, apparently.

I haven't seen Apocalypto and I'm not likely to, as I don't like violent films; I'm more likely to curl up and watch, er, Buffy or Angel. I can't vouch for the authenticity of the clip that has appeared on YouTube, but if you've got nothing better to do with yer day, then check out that
subliminal necrophiliac of old, Waldo.

I'm sure Mel has a message he'd like to send the world and many lessons he would like us to learn. In light of this, he also, apparently, made a wee cameo in the trailer for the film looking remarkably like Saddam Hussein. Well, like Saddam looked this time a couple of weeks ago. Not now, possibly.

If you can't be arsed watching the clips, you can always click to enlarge the picture above and spend some quality time finding Waldo. Be warned, however, that it's quite tricky – look-alikes are placed strategically to throw you off yer game and confuse you. And god knows, I'm confused.


  1. He's totally channelling Hussein - but they have a lot in common as Saddam didn't like Jews either.

  2. oooh thanks for this i loVE Wally! When my children were small we spent happy hours finding him and i even threw a Wally-themed party for them. Imagine my home filled with mini-sized dressed-up Wallies it was a red and white fun-filled haze! I reckon he's in the lower middle peeking over the couple's heads. Am i right, am i? Did i win, did i? I know, i'm impossibly exciteable for which i apologise...

  3. vk - he is, isn't he! it's so scary how much they look alike. remember mel in 'tim' and 'gallipoli'? he was just gorgeous then. shame he had to get all ag-ed on us. and weird.

    lynn - lol, your excitement has well and truly come through. yer wally-themed party sounds like heaps of fun, too. i remember my younger sister used to really like him, as did one of my nephews. er, i'm pleased you found wally as i was actually having a bit of trouble. i blame it, of course, on my crappy monitor at home as photos don't show up properly... really.

  4. Mel Gibson is completely and totally crazy... and not in the good, entertaining way either.

    I think I found waldo hanging out with his grandma, although this is in no way an admission that I spent 5 minutes pouring over a where's waldo picture. Because that would make me a big dork. Which I'm, uhhh, not...

  5. hi b - ya, mel's totally lost it.

    ok, and i completely lose because i had identified the wrong waldo. so i challenge you on who is the biggest dork... and let's face it, i even posted the damn pic of it.

  6. I like Mel, why does everyone say hes crazy? probably started by the Jews, they start everything you know.

    Wally isn't in the picture, hes in the restrooms with a young friend.

  7. put yer glasses on, old man. i'm sure he's in there somewhere.