30 January 2007

You Can't Handle the Truth

Everyone is doing this meme, and as I am a blog sheep, I am following dutifully. Albeit late, so I've completely missed the party. As always.

Anyhoo, I always adjust memes to suit myself because I'm such a control freak. Instead of 'Five things about me, only four of which are true', the GG special edition is 'Five things about me, only one of which is true'.

1. I won a Dolly magazine cover girl competition when I was 16.

2. I had lunch and got pissed with Timothy Dalton.

3. While working as a counsellor, I also volunteered at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

4. I turn 29 in August.

5. I lived in Italy for twelve months.

Answer in comments box, please.

You are ineligible for this competition and/or unable to leave comments that will give anything away if you know me outside GGSA. As an added incentive to put your thinking caps on, I might even sing a song on your blog if you guess correctly. Ha. If you win and you don't have a blog, then you just miss out because you lose.


  1. Damn! That's a tough call!
    1. You're gorgeous, so I wouldn't put this one past you.
    2. Scarily enough, I think this is true.
    3. Naaah.
    4. Nobody ever admits to being 29 unless they're over 30.
    5. I know you've been to Italy, but for how long?
    Hmmm …
    Hokay … Number 2, silly thought it might seem (though really wishing it was number 1).

  2. I reckon it's number one, since you do look beautiful.
    All the others are quite feasible, though i think you're probably younger than 29, around 26 i'd say. I don't think you've lived in Italy. Don't ask why, just a feeling lol!
    Oh i don't know! No, i'm sticking with number one. I've adapted one of these on my blog too if you're interested Gaijin Girl! .. and anyone else. When will you tell us the answer?

  3. hehe, you are lovely blog friends to call me gorgeous and beautiful considering you haven't seen the trainwreck. thanks for your guesses.
    i'll wait to see if there are a few more guesses, although my readers are notoriously shy, before i post the answer.

  4. Well, considerin' iffin I make ye Me Ship's Nightingale , ye'd be bound t'sing anyway, I'll hazard #1, since ye've yet t'show me a picture t'prove otherwise (that an' th'fact that all me female crewmembers be breathtakin'). Code o' th'BlogSea an' all...

  5. cap'n-san: i obviously wasn't referrin' to yer good self when i said notoriously shy - although notorious you do be. thanks fer playin' and i do like yer logic.

    consider me breathtakin' then, and i shall be yer ship's warbler.

  6. Number 2 stands out by being the most interesting. I'll vote for that one since I'm hoping it's true!

  7. hi mike, i think it's interesting that so far the girls vote for a beauty contest, and the boys vote for boozing with bond. hmm.

  8. A dolly is a hand truck you use to lift things with so thats that out, and no one would ever admit to knowing Timothy Dalton. I think you're doing a double bluff, you are beautiful and when I grow up I want to marry you.

  9. lol Old K! he he
    Well Gaijin Girl i reckon it's time for a new and slightly more revealing avatar in that case.
    The girls and boys thing is interesting. Perhaps sexual stereotyping is inherent in us all after all. Now i'm off to play with my dollies (now, don't be rude Old K)

  10. I guess 3. Do I get to choose the song?

  11. Well well. I don't want to guess #1 because it's been called, and just because someone is beautiful doesn't mean they would submit to being judged for it. Let's say you lived in Italy for twelve months. You wouldn't have studied Japanese there, most likely, but maybe you just like to travel and linger at the same time.

  12. old man: i see your double bluff and raise you to the down and dirty.

    lynn: i wrote a post about choosing the avatar from a poster website. the gaijin world is very small here and i like my anonymity. my mug won't be splashed over the internet, unlike knudsen who likes to flash his bits.

    sweet hame: sorry about the non linky thing on yer comment so i've done it here. google is taking over the world and if you're with a better service, which you are, then you can't link on the cheapo sites, which is this.
    you know 50% of my repertoire, so hold onto that hat or it will blown away if you hear the other half.

    robyn: your insight continues to astound me. you are my new hero.

  13. Oh shame. Would have been interesting. Are YOU Hiro? LOL !

  14. I think you got drunk with Timothy Dalton. Or, I'd like to think you did. It sounds like fun. Either that or Italy. It sounds like you did that.

    I'm sure you could win a beauty contest. I'm sure that you are a good volunteer. I think you are younger than 28.

    Really, I have no idea.

  15. Me Ship's Nightingale or Me Ship's Warbler? Which do ye like th'sound of best, m'dear?

  16. lynn: ha, you never know.

    sassy: it is hard to pick. i have had such a hard time on everyone else's.

    cap'n-san: ooh, do i get to pick? um... hm. i think i'd like to be yer ship's nightingale. makes me feel all wholesome and florence-like. and it also gives the impression that i can sing, which i can't.
    i've linked you here coz i'm clued onto the blogger conspiracy now. i'm clever like that.

  17. Better watch it, Me Nightingale, th'blogger conspiracy might be attached t' th'evil Gay Agenda.

  18. cap'n dyke: you mean the evil Gay Agenda that be attached to the Evil Religious Right? which in turn leads to the divil himself... George Dubya? see, it's all linked and I shall add the blogger conspiracy to the list of things for which he must be held accountable.

    by the way, do you prefer Cap'n Dyke, Pirate Queen or Rogue Blogger? i'm impressed you gave yerself three names.

  19. Me Darlin' Nightingale, your logic astounds me -- an' most probably terrifies 'them'.

    As for me name, Cap'n Dyke, Pirate Queen & Rogue Blogger. I be three; th'three be me. I be a 'trinity' in meself -- most goddesses are. ;)

    I rahther like th'way "cap'n-san" sounds as it flows past yer fine ruby lower lip.

  20. cap'n-san it is, thou holiest of goddess-like trinities that ye be.

    me logic confounds most. i start with me conclusion, and pummel and mould the facts to suit meself and me ideas. much like that texan cowboy, really. see, i've done it again.

    i'm trying to get caught up on yer hilarious and very exciting adventures, but work keeps interrupting the flow. i'll be popping back over to yours a little later.