13 February 2007

Come On Down!

Aaaand ... welcome back!

Right, unfortunately, I have to vote myself the winner of last week's Friday Seppuku. Although the wonderful contestants offered some reasonable challenges, including B's newly discovered paternity of Dannielynn, Cap'n-san's animal bites, and even poor Old Knudsen being insulted by some clever dick who called him the Barry Manilow of Blogging, no one organised their personal pity party with quite the same level of self-involved narcissism that was evident in my presentation.

As the reigning champion, I hope for some real competition come Friday.


  1. Yaaaay! Congratulations, GG!

    I don't think it would be advisable for you to commit seppuku, however.
    I suggest that - as there's no cash alternative to your prize - you pop on down to your local supermarket, grab hold of one of those teeny polystyrene tubs of natto, hold your nose and start munching!
    Let us all know how yummy you find it (hee hee).

  2. Thanks, Boss! Um, I wanted a prize not a punishment, so shall put off the natto taste test a wee bit longer.
    I've decided that seppuku will be the grand prize at the end of Friday Seppuku season, whenever that is. (depending on public participation and my own ever-changing whims).

  3. Laughing my arse off. :) xox

  4. Seppuku as a prize, that's killer. (I'll be here all week)

  5. I've just been told I don't deserve to be in the Irish Blogs awards by an uptight stoner, so my week is pretty good so far.
    I'll be a wreck by friday just you watch.

  6. A worthy winner if ever lady lynn saw one!

  7. kate, thanks darl! hope you're fired up and ready for friday's big game, although i've a feeling it's just me.

    hame: i figured you'd be stepping up to the plate if i threw down the gauntlet. umm, or mixed some more metaphors.
    the words 'reigning champion' and 'competition' were strategically placed.

    legendary old blogger nominee in cap: so what the hell do uptight stoners know anyway? especially ones from australia.
    still, if you get all riled up it'll make for some good comp on friday, eh?

    lynn: well, it seemed polite to spill my own guts before anyone else's.

  8. That was a crafty side-step, GG.
    But it's not going to stop my determination to get you to eat some natto.
    I think we should have a photo of the little polystrene tub full of yummy natto, followed by a photo showing (truthfully) how much was left when you gave up and started leaping round the room going EEEWWWWWW!

    Living in Tokyo and not eating Natto is like living in Oz and not eating Vegemite.
    It is your duty, young lady.

  9. hehe, crafty? moi? i'm actually well up for trying it - if someone served it up to me i'd hoe into it, no worries. the thing is, i'm not terribly interested in food and find it kinda boring, so when i'm left to my own devices (which is basically all the time), i just eat whatever is easy and fills the need so i'm not hungry anymore. ha, you'd probably have more luck getting me to eat it if you posted some to tokes and then that would be the easiest meal in the world for me.

  10. The idea of posting natto to Tokyo made me giggle.
    I'll send Kate and Vic some Vegemite while I'm at it.
    And Knudsen an Arbroath Smoky and a haggis.

  11. omg, dive, forget the natto - a smokie and haggis suit me so much more.
    next time you're up north, go to the but'n'ben in auchmithie for a heart stopping and life changing smokie pancake.

  12. Ahh … so desu yo.
    I keep forgetting your Northern links.
    I may well pop up that way in the spring. I'll write Auchmithie doon in ma wee boook of things tae do.

  13. oh big big yay indeed. do it. and some wee pics for this pining bonnie lass, if you go?
    i'll swap you for some of tokes.

  14. I really thought Old Knudsen had it... Barry Manilow of blogging, the horror!

  15. B: Ha! I think the old man actually liked it. I don't think he gets out much these days. You almost trumped the lot of us with your paternity claims, so well done.