21 February 2007

Give Me Something To Sing About

Life’s a show,
And we all play our parts.
And when the music starts,
We open up our hearts.

It's alright if some things come out wrong.
We’ll sing a happy song,
And you can sing along.

Where there’s life, there's hope
Every day's a gift,
Wishes can come true,
Whistle while you work,
So hard all day

To be like other girls,
To fit in, in this glittering world.

Don’t give me songs,
Don’t give me songs.

Give me something to sing about.
I need something to sing about.

Life’s a song,
You don’t get to rehearse,
And every single verse,
Can make it that much worse.

Still my friends
Don’t know why I ignore…
The million things or more,
I should be dancing for.

All the joy,
Life's ends.
Family and friends
All the twists and bends,
Knowing that it ends.
Well, that depends…

On if they let you go,
On if they know enough to know
That when you bowed,
You leave the crowd.

There was no pain.
No fear,
No doubt,
Til they pulled me out,
Of heaven.

So, that’s my refrain.
I live in hell,
'Cause I’ve been expelled from heaven.

I think I was in heaven.

So, give me something to sing about.
Please, give me something…

Life’s not a song.
Life isn’t bliss
Life is just this:
It’s living.

You’ll get along.
The pain that you feel
You only can heal,
By living.

You have to go on living,
So one of us is living.

The hardest thing in this world is to live in it.
[Be brave. Live.]

Sing along with that other superhero, Buffy.


  1. Ye be Buffy an' I'll sing Spike.

  2. Yay, a duet with ye, Cap'n-san! Thank ye.

    I've been waitin' for someone to sing me a wee ditty on me blog, but alas I had to do me own. Not so cheerful, but one o' me faves. It was either this or whine about th' evil Clown and I'm sick to death of that.

  3. Aww shite! Now I've got to break open my Big Box o' Buffy and do the karaoke bit.
    What IS all this, GG? Are you in love or something?

  4. Drat! For some reason, I can't hear this. I'm afraid that I sort-of missed Buffy, so I don't really get it anyway. Alas.

  5. Hey boss: Er, no, I am not in love. But interesting that you get that idea from the song.
    I have a wonderful image of you singing and dancing around to Once More, With Feeling after a few glasses of rioja.

    Sassy: Sorry you couldn't hear it. I just double-checked the link and it's working here, so not sure what went wrong. This song was from a pivotal episode where a spell made the all characters sing their secrets, which changed the course for the rest of the season. I had actually written something but it was too personal to publish so I used this instead.

  6. C'mon slayer get yer cumba yayas out .
    Did I ever tell ya, I died, too many years ago but blogging makes me feel like it isn't so and why I came to click on you I guess we'll never know.

    Get the clown to hug ya, it sounds like you need it.

  7. GG - you totally got some last night is you woke up singing !

  8. "Going through the motions
    Losing all my drive
    I can't even see
    If this is really me
    And I just wanna be....

    I miss Buffy. The Spouse Sparrow and I occassionally get drunk, pop the Buffy musical in the VCR, and sing along.

  9. Haiku for a dysfunctional family.

    Everyone must sing,
    Singing hides reality,
    Denial is king.

  10. Hey, it's Friday! Where's my Seppuku?
    Ame might have beaten you this week after last night's shitfest.

  11. My bum fell off in the street and a dog ate it, beat that.

  12. Knudsen: Thank you. A hug is much needed at the moment, but your cumba yayas comment had me laughing. Fellow Buffy fans rock.

    Flirty: Afraid not, mate.

    Fat Sparrow: Nice one. That was my first choice of song. It sums things up for both of us at the moment, I imagine, although for different reasons.

    Forty_two: Thank you. Very true.

    Dive: Not this week, my dear. I have a headache.

    Old Man: You win.

  13. From my favorite Buffy ep!

  14. Almost as good as spikes number. buffy the musical is my number one pick whilst lying in a sick bed. yay buffy