15 February 2007


I thought I had recovered from my poll addiction, but I awoke this morning at 3.00am with a burning desire to publish yet another irrelevant question for my hapless reader:

Do you prefer the comments box to be a pop-up or the next page?

This poll was inspired by a conversation in Robyn’s comments section last week. And when I say inspired, I mean that this is the best freakin’ idea of my life! Gasp in wonder along with me.

Anyhoo … I have a bit of a beef with next page comments because it means you load the original webpage, read some stuff, feel the urge to leave a little something for the blogger, and then you have to wait while the whole comments page loads. You leave your witty, humourous, and sensitive opinion, then you have to wait again for the main page to load before you can read the previous blog entry and its associated comments.

I’m lucky because I live in the magical land of not only wasabi chocolate and tiny men, but also of super-fast fibre-optic cable internet access. I can browse at the speed of lightning but not everyone has such an awesome connection. It would totally blow if you were on dial-up or slower broadband, as I was not so long ago.

On the other hand, if you read a blog with a pop-up comment box, you can continue to scroll up and down the main page as you reference particular points and notes in your thoughtful response to their hard slogged prose. You also don't have to wait for the various pageloads.

So, dear reader, I put it in your safe
hands. You may choose more than one response from this objective list:

Pop-up or Next Page For Comments?
Pop-up, naturally
Next page because I didn't think it through
GG, you are a goddess
I'm a lurker* and never comment, thereby rendering my opinion obsolete
I'm a lurker* and my first comment will be on tomorrow's FS
Can I buy you a drink?
I don't care
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* I've seen you lurking there day after day. Time to say hello.


  1. Actually GG, I hate pop ups.
    I like to have the post up on one screen and then write a reply on another (you know me: If I don't have a whole row of G5s to play with, then it's "Screw you guys, I'm going home").
    What a fucking primadonna, eh?

  2. Well i'm a bit lost with the lingo. I'm assuming pop up is the system we encounter right here right now and that's fine with me.
    I personally loathe the other sites where i have to put in my email (why?) my web site and everything all from scratch. Who's got the time. I must say when i see that, it's quite rare i'd stay and bother to comment after all which is a shame. This is the easiest and quickest way.

  3. Okay, what I don't like about the pop-up comment window is that it loads to the "leave your comment" part, meaning you have to scroll back up to see what everyone else has said.

    But you make a good point about loading another page.

    I'm a Libran, I can't decide which is best. That's why I ticked four boxes in your poll.

  4. Boss: That's ok, you're allowed your opinion too here in GG-World. What don't you like about pop-ups?
    Hm, consider my computer envy ... complete.

    Lynn: Yes, this is the pop-up system. Good point, it is frustrating putting in your name, email addy and web addy for the other sites. A lot of them have a function to remember your details, but if you clear your cache, history, etc. every day (as I do) all that stuff disappears.

    Groover: Also a good point. I suggest maximising the comment pop up window to streamline and enhance your commenting experience. Omg, now I think I'm on a mission to convert everyone. I so need a life.
    Hehe, thanks for your votes. It's all about balance, isn't it.

  5. Hey, GG.
    Dive's Extreme Eating is up and running.
    You get royalties if a cable company runs it.

  6. Good work! Er, do you have a cunning plan or were you referring to your just-consumed lunch?

    I left you a suggestion earlier in previous post comments:
    Liquorice and mascarpone!

  7. I'm with dive on this one. Don't care much for pop-ups. I find them intrusive (I'm British). But I answered 'don't care' thereby kind of leaving things open.

  8. I prefer next page so that I don't have to reset my pop-up blocker. But that's just me.

  9. Triple G, while you're cleaning house, switch to fecking Wordpress already.

  10. Me Nightingale, I be just here t'tell ye that I want t'buy ye a drink because ye be a veritable goddess... ;)

  11. DH: Hello, Mr Headley. Thanks for reading my wee missive and for your neutral vote.
    I've been reading you for a while now. It's good to meet you.

    Sassy: Oh, what a hassle. Sorry. I didn't realise that was an issue as my pop-up blocker lets them through.

    Hame: Hehe. Triple G: you charmer, you. I've set up a Wordpress blog but I'm fighting it. It seems so real and as I was 'this close' to deleting this blog the other day, I don't know if I can commit to Wordpress.

    Cap'n-san: Aye, ye do be th' best cap'n a nightingale could ask for. Yer words always bring a smile to me face when I read 'em at work.
    We'll have that tankard o' vino together one day on th' ship, I'm sure.

  12. GG, I voted for pop-up, which I tried to switch to the other day. Then Dive got all perturbed, and I had to switch back to the big window that prevents the references and spellchecking you described. I am such a terrible speller that when I'm commenting about something, I need to go back and see how the person wrote the stupid word that interest me. Oh well, the things we do to accommodate the readers.

  13. Ah, that was the conversation I saw, but I was days late so I didn't contribute. If I'd been there on time, I would have hollered on your team.
    I know, you can move the pop up around the screen whilst you scroll up and down the blog to check what they've said.
    Hehe, you're obviously more thoughtful than me to help out your bloggy buddies with the next page. What does Dive know? He's got 28 G5 screens in front of him. Go the pop-up, Robyn, go the pop-up.

  14. Don't you talk about your boss like that behind his back, young lady!
    You're not too old to put over my knee, you know!

  15. I agree with you, so I voted to buy you a beverage.

  16. "Hello, Mr Headley. Thanks for reading my wee missive and for your neutral vote.
    I've been reading you for a while now. It's good to meet you."

    So it's you! Thanks for the encouragement.

  17. Hey boss: Hehe, exactly how old do you think I am?

    Kav of the new fandangled blog: You are sweet to say so. Your new thingy doesn't do a pop-up window, unlike the evil Blogger, so I'm a bit out of sorts. Cheers for the vote for the cyber-beverage. I popped in a coupla votes meself over your way at the Irish bloggy awards. Good for you, darlin', you deserve it. And good luck!

    DH: Mr Headley, yes, it's me! I know, don't take the piss... I'm a shy lassie.

  18. Spankably young (unfortunately for this old git).

  19. interesting that you think that, boss.

  20. Damn! That's so infuriating. I checked on your employment application and you left your age blank.
    Okay, give me some hints here …
    It's okay, everyone else is only looking at the newer posts.

  21. hehe, that information is only available by email.