3 February 2007

The West Wing

Last night, while exploring the previously uncharted west wing of GGHQ, a glint of white in a far corner of the dusty old ballroom caught my eye.

Holding my candle aloft, I approached the corner with some trepidation. The white object was emitting a faint hum. A huge and sudden bang nearly forced me back to the safety of my futon, until I remembered my coach's repeated words from superhero training: 'Stop behaving like a spineless wimp, GG'. In the eerie silence following the bang, I could almost hear the fear-sweat leaking from my pores.

Closer inspection of the strange thing revealed it to be what is known as a refrigerator. Phew, I had heard of these. People have them in their kitchens to store food to later cook and eat. Over the years, my only reason to go near one has been to avail myself of a perfectly chilled bottle of Champagne.

The grand old family who lived here before me had obviously been wiped out in a merciless attack by Mister Freeze. I humbly bow precisely 45 degrees in their honour to thank them for leaving this sweet, sweet caramel treasure.


  1. Oh, surprise Haagen Daas (I have no idea how to spell it). Good for you.

  2. Ha! I love your superhero coach... nothing like positive reinforcement.

  3. GGHQ has scrubbed up a treat, GG. No wonder you were a bit hesitant to clean the whole lot at New Years!

    er … How long has that been sitting at the back of your icebox?

  4. Me Nightingale, I am awash in a vision of ye bein' all Lara Crofty an' everythin'. Th'pic be a work o'art.

  5. Robyn: This was pure decadence. I highly recommend you try it at least once. I am completely addicted.

    B: Ha, the superhero coach was a washed-up, bitter has-been 'hero who just didn't have what it takes. Still, I owe everything to him.

    Dive: GGHQ is looking rather spiffy, isn't it. The big pile of rubbish is still out the back, though. I'll get around to that one of these days.
    The treasure remained in the icebox for as long as it took me to take the photo and not a second longer.

    Cap'n-san: Ah, I knew ye'd be the one to note me adventurin' spirit. And not a bad word 'bout the terrible state of me freezer. Ye be a mighty fine Cap'n, indeed.

  6. Me Nightingale, tosh on yer freezer's condition but, as one adventurer t'another, I'd advise ye not t'look in th'ship's bilge. I've yet t'find a crewmember who has been naughty enough t'be sendin' down there t'clean it, so it's a bit o' a mess.

    Thankee much for th'compliment, m'dear. Have another grog whilst I go pillage a village for more o' ye caramel treasures...

  7. Cap'n-san, ye be gettin' that caramel treasure and ye'll be forever grateful ye did. I'll keep me eyes averted from the bilge and behave meself so as not to get sent a-cleanin'. It never bein' a skill o' mine, ye see.

  8. Cracked up when I saw what was in the frig! If ever I buy a dessert, that's the one I get. Love those things!!! Tried the other flavors, but nothing works like the sweet caramel. OK, now must run to corner konbini and snag one!

  9. GGHQ is a little smaller than I had imagined; I would have actually guessed that was the guest house.

  10. at: the fridge looks about the same as the freezer - just less ice. i rather fancy another one myself now.

    hamish: yes, that photo is taken from a kinda awkward angle. i was perched on a branch up a tree couldn't get high enough to show the other two wings. i'll try for an aerial shot next time i take the plane up.