3 February 2007

Skirts are Liftin'

Face masks have once again made a comeback to the streets of Tokyo. Due to recent advice (since retracted) that two serves a day of the fermented beans encourages weight loss, shops were overwhelmed with the demand for natto and, consequently, face masks.

Cap'n-san extraordinaire has all the details.


  1. Hey, I LOVE natto. Leave it alone!
    Sure, it's stinky, slimy, sticky and damn near impossibly stringy, but it's TOTALLY addictive.
    And it's incredibly good for you!

    Mmmmm … Natto …

  2. Steady on Dive, no need to be biting my head off. Merely reporting the insanity. I'll update with the link to the original story as well. The reaction is so typical of life here.

  3. So, Me Nightingale, ye be an ace reporter as well as a fine warbler!

    Have t'admit that, at first glance, I be thinkin' that pic was of a derriere protector (t'keep th'natto-gas where it rightly belongs), but on further inspection I realize that it was not.

    Here's hopin' th'one-percent it lets in will not be in th'form o'natto-gas.

    Ye fair made me blush when ye added that 'extra' t'me name. Not easy t'do t' this lesbian Pirate Queen. Thankee. ;)

  4. Sorry, GG.
    Didn't mean to appear snappy. You just reminded me I had three tubs of natto in the fridge, so I steamed some Japanese rice and now I've only got two tubs of natto.
    Mmm … Sticky-poo heaven!

    And I can see how it promotes weight loss, in that if you eat natto and breathe on someone, they're NEVER gonna take you out to dinner.

  5. Since we're talking about Japan, hitler used veggies and laxatives to help him lose weight, yes he did get IBS and farted alot though guten fart in german means good journey I wonder if thats like wishing you to go to the bog and have a good crap.

  6. Cap'n-san: Aye, I do be wearin' many hats.
    Hehe, derriere protector. These face masks are a common sight around Tokyo. People seriously wear them out in public if they have a cold, to prevent others from getting their germs. The worst is trying to keep a straight face at work when someone comes to talk to me about something and they are wearing one of these.
    I couldn't resist buying this packet as a joke a while back.

    Dive: No need to apologise. I was just teasing with you.
    I really must try natto one of these days, as so many people rave out how good it is. And yes, it definitely is healthy.

    Old man in cap: Anyone can lose weight eating healthily and exercising. Hitler loses for using laxatives. And a few other reasons.

  7. Th' Cap'n be used t'wearin' a face mask in her day job, but I would have a hard time keepin' a straight (omigoddess, not that!) face iffin one o' me clients walked in wearin' one themselves for an appointment.

    I suppose we should laud them for strivin' t'not pass on their germs t'us. Alternatively, I must think that they just don't want our germs (Holy Howard Hughes, Batman!)t'pass t'them.

    I rahther like th'idea of a derriere protector. I know some people who could definately use one.

  8. Ach, now ye got me curious as to yer day job when ye not be swashbucklin' along the high seas.
    An' also who ye be keepin' company with that they be needin' a derriere protector? Protectin' their derriere from whom, I would be askin'. ;)