1 February 2007

The Truth Is...

Aww, you win for taking the time out to guess.

1. I won a Dolly magazine cover girl competition when I was 16.

Not true.
I never even entered a competition. When I was 12, I wrote in a schoolbook (that I still have) that I wanted to be a model, architect and actress. I can't quite remember if I was going to incorporate all three at the same time or do some kind of job share. Fast forward to 16 years of age and I was a horrible teenager: tall, lanky and awkward, and had started wearing nothing but black - which I embrace to this day. My interest in makeup then was to see how much of the black stuff I could slather on my eyes, lips and fingernails, and I believe my career aspiration at the time was to live in a squat in London, sleep all day, and go to clubs every night.
A sure candidate for the high achievers' club.

2. I had lunch and got pissed with Timothy Dalton.

Most of my time in Scotland was spent working as a live-in personal carer. Tim [she says casually] was a friend of the family I was working for. He and his wife used to come and stay at the house for a couple of weeks of refreshing Highland air away from the cameras and insanity of his other life. There were many lunches and drunken dinners, but the one I remember most is when the ‘lady of the house’ was away in Perth one day, which meant the lads and I hit the pub for some haggis. Writing that, I guess it sticks in my mind as it was probably the only time I was out in public with him and it was surreal to note other people’s reactions. We were in a sleepy village in the middle of nowhere and he would have been the last person the locals would have expected to see on their way to Boots to do their errands.
He’s very tall (nice) and terribly charming when he wants to be. He’s also very private and I respect that.

3. While working as a counsellor, I also volunteered at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

This one was the red herring, as the first half is true. Before I came to Japan, I was an employment counsellor and worked with people with mental health issues to help them find employment via a range of counselling interventions. The CEO promoted a psychotherapeutic approach, which works really well for a lot of people, but was not appropriate for our client base, time constraints or funding levels. The Clown with his shuffling inefficiency is a dream boss compared to my then boss, who was also one of my three clinical supervisors and had no communication skills at all.
Before I burnt out, I signed up at a local community house as a volunteer tutor to teach English to asylum seekers. I started the certificate training, but that was added, along with two different Graduate Diplomas and various other courses I started over the years, to the continuing pile of things I've started and haven’t finished.

4. I turn 29 in August.

Not true.
My birthday is in July and I won't be turning 29.

5. I lived in Italy for twelve months.

Not true.
I spent about six weeks travelling in Italy and loved everything about it: food, language, history, landscape, architecture, sights, smells - even the stench of Venice. The Italian sense of passion, excitement, and expressive body language is so appealing, which makes me wonder all the more why I live in Japan - in what I perceive to be such an up-tight and controlled society.
I hope to live in Rome one day and am following up on something now that might eventuate in a European transfer down the track.

But that's enough about me. Who's the most famous person you've met?


  1. crap, I was wrong.

    My husband knew Jeffrey Nordling in high school. Jeffrey went on to be come an actor and has been in several films and was a regular on Once and Again (or was it Now and Again) a few years ago.

    When Jeff was in college, he came to our apartment for dinner, and we played Monopoly. He wasn't famous then (he's not so famous now), so maybe that doesn't count.

  2. robyn: you are never wrong because you're my hero.
    i can't believe you've met Jake, er, Jeff! i love once and again and nary an episode can play out without me weeping like a fool.
    tell me everything about him... did he go willingly to jail or did he pass go? was he the ship or the car? details please. or a blog post at the very least.

  3. Damn, I didn't make it over in time to play! I would have gone with 5... but getting wasted with Timothy Dalton's a pretty cool brush with fame.

    Er, did you find a nice way to tell him he was the worst Bond ever?

  4. Woohoo! I got it right!
    DO I win anything, GG? (thought not) …

    Hmm … Famous people …
    Way too many cock-headed rock stars to mention in studios and on tours, but that was my job so I won't count them.
    And way too many politicians knocking around Westminster, but that's where I work now so I won't count them either.
    So ifnoring all of those, probably my favourite encounter with a famous person was when Susan George came tearing around a corner and bumped into me, knocking me on my arse with her lovely boobs.
    She was very apologetic and nice (as well as totally as gorgeous as she was in her younger days).

  5. Well, let's see what I can remember about "Jake." It was years and years ago, and he went home to New Jersey for Christmas break from college in Texas. He came our to our humble apartment, and I made dill dip served with cucumber slices. I don't know why I remember that, but that's what we had, and we sat on the floor and played Monopoly. I'm sorry that I don't remember details of the actual game except that I won. I NEVER WIN, so I suspect Jeff and my husband teamed up to fail on purpose.

    Jeff's mother is Lois Nordling, and in the 80s, she was a famous singer who spent half of the year in Italy. His older brother moved to California and became an orchestra conductor. They were a fascinating family all funded by a father who worked on Wall Street. When my husband and I were married, Lois gave us a set of glass bowls.

    So, there. That's all I know about "Jake."

  6. B: I wish 5 were true, but it's just a dream right now. I don't actually remember anyone mentioning the B-word around him.

    Dive: Congratulations! You are indeed the winner as you were the first to pick correctly. Um, I can sing you a song if you like, but I'd rather just post the pics of g'ment building I took for you a couple of weeks ago. (They didn't quite work out as planned and I haven't got around to putting them here yet.)
    I had to do a search to find out who Susan George is. She did look pretty funky back in her day.

    Robyn: Thanks for the background. His family sounds really interesting. Do you ever use the glass bowls?

  7. Er, did you find a nice way to tell him he was the worst Bond ever?

    YES gooooooaaaalllllll!

    though it is close with Roger Moore, I like George Lazenby and yes Susan George was hot and jeff Nordling owes me money of that I'm pretty sure.

    I've met Leonard Nimoy, various TV presenters including Eamon Holmes and Patrick Kielty who you also don't know, I waved as Clinton's limo went by and also the numerous folks I talk about on my Blog, and I know Dive.

  8. Before I forget I once kicked the crap out of a stoned pete Townsend only to find his wallet quite empty.

  9. Susan George … Mmmm …
    All I could think of while she was helping me up off the floor was her boobs in that white jumper at the start of Straw Dogs … Ooooo …

    And "yes please" to your shoots of Tokyo (even if it was so smoggy you can't even see the ground).

  10. I love it. You did get drunk with Timothy Dalton.

  11. Oh, and fame.

    I sat next to Cornel West on an airplane once. He's great.

  12. old man: didn't you have some petty disagreement with william wallace over whose turn it was to take the rubbish out? i thought he might have been yer most famous person.

    dive: i've said it before and i'll say it again - too much information. and because i've got a soft spot for you, yer photos will appear sometime over the weekend.

    sassy: wow, that must have been a very interesting flight.