2 March 2007

It's All About The Pantaloons

Adam left a comment on my previous post inquiring as to whether school girls' panties are still sold in vending machines in Japan (it's not as it sounds - he's just a curious fella). As I'm not an authority on the matter [surprised? I think not], I did a little digging around. If you'll forgive the lazy copy and paste, for which I am sure GGSA will be shut down (and not a moment too soon, I breathe a sigh of relief), here are some excerpts from Snopes regarding the matter. I highly recommend reading the whole article, as it provides great insight into one aspect of the incredibly complex thing that is Japanese society:

Girlish youth and innocence are considered sexy in Japan, a culture with a long history of regarding women more as sex toys than as people. This obsession with untouched adolescence results in the sad sight of women in their thirties emitting girlish giggles and clutching teddy bears in an effort to maintain their appeal to the opposite sex. Although it can fairly be said Western society also prizes youth in a woman, there the fascination has to do more with the looks of a girl than it does with her immaturity and presumed sexual innocence. A pretty 26-year-old who would be considered lovely in the West would in Japan be viewed by many as hopelessly long in the tooth.

Western society looks for firm, youthful bodies housing the attitudes of grown women — we like them young, but we don't like them to act young. In the West, a teen's sex appeal is dependent upon her ability to look and act much older, thus the fascination with makeup and plunging necklines, accoutrements that make her appear less of a child and more of a woman. In Japan, this ideal is reversed — sexy in the Land of the Rising Sun adds up to childlike behavior and modes of dress that express this ideal. Sometimes this amounts to the adoption of clothing styles highly reminiscent of high school uniforms, but even when a girl dons an evening gown, she will strive to look like a kinderling caught parading in Mom's finery. Likewise, childish outbursts, pouting, and tantrums are viewed as charmingly erotic because such actions work to further the violated schoolgirl image.

If you've read the whole article, you don't need to be a genius to understand why this long-in-the-tooth-hag chose these particular, and seemingly unrelated, paragraphs to focus on. Ok, I'm still trying to make sense of how, and if, I can fit into a society that celebrates everything I am not. It's a tough gig. You will, however, need to be a genius to work out why Bill Gates appears here. In an image search for Japanese panties for my pervy readers, the above pic was tenth on the list.

Bite me.


  1. "Long in the tooth hag?"
    Hee hee, GG. I think not. When you're as old as your boss you can say that but not before.
    Now get that school uniform on and start simpering.

  2. I wish I could explain the male fixation with youthful females and underwear gg. Better minds than mine have given up.

  3. Glass of water, boxing gloves and an ice pack for Dive please.

    Maybe it's because Gates is an ass!

  4. Bill Gates and panties. Nasty thought.

    Isn't the whole beauty ideal thing just weird. I don't think I'd want to look/act like a little girl anymore, but it's not like beauty standards here are easy (I'm short, curvy, and definitely not All-American looking).

  5. I think that is just one persons perception. it is not the norm for all japanese men.

  6. Everything you're not?
    The society there celebrates not being awesome?

  7. Cap'n DykeMarch 03, 2007

    Well then, Awesome GG, ye be up on th'ship. Starred birthmark patch in place? Ye are about t'meet Th' Cap'n...

  8. An' ye seem t'have already made a rival...

  9. Boss: I also wear my hair in pigtails...

    Mr Headley, sir: I prefer to think that every man is unique and has his own idea of what is attractive.

    Full: Many people think Gates is an arse. Me? I have a soft spot for geeks.

    Sassy: I think women can get a rough deal wherever we are, including - cover up or get stoned in some countries; act like an imbecile in others; and in other places just flash your bits.

    Kahealani: True - the article was just reflecting one person's perception. I would never assume there is a norm for all Japanese men, or men in general. Do you?

    Anonymous: I have been rather surprised to discover that, despite my best endeavours to introduce long-in-the-tooth-hagdom to this country, it is not being accepted as part of popular culture. I lose.
    But you, my friend, are equally awesome. Thanks, babe.

    Cap'n-san: I canna tell ye how grand it be to finally be on board th' ship for some pirate adventures! Should I be surprised that we start with a bedroom scene?

  10. Oh, now you've done it!
    How am I supposed to walk straight when you tell me that?

  11. Close, Me Nightingale, close...

  12. That Queer ExpatriateMarch 04, 2007

    I've put off leaving a comment here because I don't know how to respond. The idea of paying $50 for used schoolgirl panties back in the early '90s is distrubing enough; but the Bill Gates thing is also wacky.

    I guess I am a mental mess.

    Of course, if you search my archives, I've devoted a lot of attention to used underwear, usually tongue in cheak.

  13. 'charged for selling them without a permit' got me. A PERMIT? There exists a permit to sell such pervy stuff? Incredible and quite disgusting.

    I totally see the young girl thing now that you explain it. I was always surprised and confused when teaching Japanese girl students, aged around 14/15, how very 'little girl' they were. I just could not get my head around it. Compare them to our UK girls of the same, well you just couldn't. Ankle socks, bunches, beads, comics, colouring-in at break, sweeties, it was ... well weird is what it was. Don't get me wrong; they were lovely girls, polite and conscientious in their studies, but behaving like six year olds. I see now.

  14. So true!
    I teach both junior high and high school students here in Tokyo, and the funny thing is, there is not one speck of difference between the 13 year old girls and the 18 year old girls. Back home you can always tell a grade 9 student from a grade 12 student, but here they not only act the same, they even look the same...

  15. Sassy has a point--every society has its quirks, but why do they always involve bizarre restrictions on women/girls? Why not make grown men act like muscley teenage boys--because it's childish, that's why! Disturbing.