19 March 2007

Cruisin' On A Sat'dy Night

I know I'm having a blogging break, but went for a cruise on Tokyo Bay on the Funasei funship, so here are some quickie pics.

I swore I would never post photos of food on this blog, but due to being half-cut from an unanticipated visit to an Irish pub ridiculously early in the day, most of the evening ended up looking a little like this:

Rainbow Bridge, I think.

... and non-incriminating and/or decent photo choices are limited. Please remember that copious amounts of wine had washed down my gullet. Very quickly followed by most of the stuff here:

Hello, sailor!

Turns out I spent quite a bit of time out on deck, just admiring the view.

'Twas a fabulous evening that finished up in the early hours of Sunday morn somewhere in the 'Pong.

Here's the boat's interior before mayhem descended upon its peaceful ambience. [photo from their website linked above.]