13 March 2007

It's White Day. In Japan.

As single folk around the world are probably just completing their recovery from the horror that was Valentine's Day, singletons in Japan are bracing themselves for the next onslaught: White Day. The tradition is that women give the gifts on February 14, then men reciprocate on March 14 and give presents to those who gave them flowers, chocolate or undies.

Urban legend has it that Marshmallow Day, as it was originally called, began in 1965, when a cunning marketing executive from a marshmallow company decided that men should buy marshmallows for the women from whom they received chocolate back in February. Chocolate companies quickly jumped on the bandwagon and began marketing white chocolate as the gift of choice for the discerning young buck. There was also a stipulation that the men's gift should be worth three times the amount that the original gift was worth. If 'Marshmallow Day' doesn't sound romantic enough for you, get out your calculator to figure out how much you need to spend, plus tax, and Cupid is sure to reward you for your heartfelt and genuine gesture.

A GG original cyber-painting: Bugger White Day, Mate

I didn’t get a chance to slave over a hot stove making chocolate for my non-existent sweetie last month, so I’ll be on the receiving end of absolutely nothing for bloody White Day, as represented in my great work of art featured in this post. (Exhibition opening soon nowhere near you.) But never fear, caped crusaders; this superhero will be hosting her very own pity party. And you're all invited.


  1. Happy White Day, GG.
    A box of wasabi chocolates are winging their way from your boss's office.

  2. Oh that sucks. A double-reminder.

    I think you should throw marshmallows at people all day.

  3. Oh that sucks. A double-reminder.

    I think you should throw marshmallows at people all day.

  4. It would have to be called "Total Light Reflection Day" in Britian otherwise some bloody do-gooder would cry rascism.
    Can't stand these annual rituals devoted to those who are happy to get ripped-off.
    If you want to buy someone flowers and choc's, J.F.D.I.

    Will we see the new hairdo at your pity party?

  5. Hey, Sassy Sundry, let's paint some rock white an' let her throw those! ;)

  6. Nice use of negative space. Human relations are highly overrated anyway.

  7. That's an excellent idea, Cap'n.

    She could drop them off buildings.

  8. So, no bids on the painting then, eh?

    Oh well.

  9. Seems like chocolates are all people are getting there these days.


    What does the bidding start at?

  10. Good idea Sassy, get those marshies flying.

    I was thinking that Full. White Day just wouldn't be allowed. Today police swooped hurriedly upon a tiny gift shop in a country village and successfully seized an offending article - a couple of collectable Golliwogs. True. They're just collectable pieces for God's sake.

    Anyway do Japanese men not have minds of their own? Why do they have to only return gifts. Can they not choose to bestow a gift upon some unsuspecting girl?