9 March 2007

Phantasy Desk

Ok, Prudence, Robyn and Dive have all posted some rockin' photographs of their blogging environments - home and/or office. Instead of photos of my messy desk and the GG super-computer-that-isn't (feck, no G5s, Macbook Pros, iMacs, etc.), here are a couple of images of things I would like to have:

I'm sure the screens above could be incorporated somehow into the (oft-mentioned-on-this-site) Eropod 500...

... and an iPhone would also be a most welcome addition to my life.

I'm the first to admit that I'm a geek-phreak. I could quite happily spend the rest of my life tinkering around on computers and learning new programs and systems. To me, the most appealing things about Japan are the amazing technology and kick-arse gadgets.

Of course, reality slaps you in the face faster than Microsoft can release patches for its OS flaws, and I quickly discovered that some Japanese inventions are not quite the futuristic innovations I had envisioned:

And although I am reticent for Vic to worry about my brolly obsession ...

From all the incredible things on offer in this crazy land, the thing that is most likely to make an appearance at
GGHQ over the next week or so is a rice omelette. Now, I don't cook, so I don't mean of the culinary variety. This rice omelette mouse cover (complete with tomato sauce) could only come from a land as obsessed with food as Japan:

Cheers to Ueba and Gizmodo for images.


  1. Woah!
    I want the noodle splashguard!
    And your Eropod and iPhone are waiting here at the office for you to come and pick up.

  2. Life would indeed be sunny with the noodle splashguard.

    Ha, promises, promises of tech-lovely things. You know how to tempt a girl.

  3. I want the headphone thing.

    AND the weird brolly.

  4. I want t'see th'noodle splashguard on ye first afore I get one, Me Nightingale.

  5. The poor woman wearing the funky goggles looks as if she is about to cry, and the omelette mouse is nauseating, but I love the bank of cloud screens.

  6. Sassy: Hehe, would that be the rainwater collector or the fabulous brolly headpiece?

    Cap'n-san: If I took a pic for ye while wearin' the noodle splashguard, ye'd not be able t' see me new hairdo!

    Robyn: If I were wearing those glasses I reckon I'd be about to cry too. The omelette mouse is strangely ... compelling, although not half as pretty as those monitors.

  7. So what the hell does the thing with the cigarette do?

    And I'll shut up about the brollies, old lady.

  8. I don't really want any of it, though your laptop looks rather good. The mouse, however. What is it? Yuk.

  9. oh sorry rice omelette, didn't read all the blurb in my visual horror. Ugh. Still.

  10. Vic: You know how you get a magnifying glass and angle it so that the sun goes through the glass, and focus it on a specific point, which will then catch fire? Aim it onto your cigarette. It was a fave childhood hobby of mine.

    Lynn: Rice omelettes are good; don't knock 'em til you've tried 'em.