7 March 2007

Seasonal Changes

Photographed in Shinjuku Park March 4

It's official: Spring has arrived!

The city well-known for its grey concrete and drab demeanour is now awash with that traditional Tokyo spring colour ... beige.

Regardless of possible temperature fluctuations in the near future, a secret sign – like the Bat-Signal, but projecting a bad jacket – must have lit the night sky above the metropolis, indicating that winter coats must be packed away and the general populace must thenceforth don their drab beige couture.

Even without the beige onslaught, spring is making its presence known through typical spring weather – storms and strong winds. Walking home from work on Monday night saw me drenched by rain from a wild storm – absolutely fabulous! There was no point even putting up the brolly as it would have blown away, so I grinned, turned my face to the heavens and enjoyed every exciting second.

My elation quickly turned to dismay when I got home. After cruising through the last six months with relatively good hair, I came back to earth to realise the fluff is back. Spring, and the upcoming rainy season and ghastly humid summer turn my locks into
uncontrollable frizz.

For this reason, I have [gulp] booked in for the big chop on Friday night. I am totally gutted.


  1. Sorry about the hair, but I'm totally jealous about the spring weather. It's freezing here.

  2. Happy Spring, GG.
    It's lovely here, too.
    We dont have the frizzy hair and storms, but I'd still rather be in Tokyo, you lucky girl.

  3. GG-

    The German hairstylists are frightening as well. Quite pragmatic as they chop away and very quick and to the point. They even make you blowdry your own hair. The nerve.

    Good luck!


  4. A change is always nice, don't worry about the chop. Enjoy spring. Along with autumn, they were my favourite seasons in Japan.

  5. I be excited about 'the chop'. Is it truly that scary, or is it th'choppers that be frightenin'?

  6. Sassy: It's either get a haircut or leave Japan - it was a tough decision. Stay warm there.

    Thanks Boss. Happy Spring to you, too. It's funny, I think of you as the lucky one.

    JD: They even make you blowdry your own hair. That is the single most outrageous thing I have ever heard. The blowdry is the best bit.
    I had some hairy experiences earlier in the ridiculousness that is my life in Japan, but have found an Aussie hairdresser so it's all good.

    Laura: Thanks, but I'm not happy about the chop and will probably get a fair bit of whinging mileage out of it.
    I think autumn is definitely the best time to be in Japan. Just beautiful.

  7. Ach, look at you sneakin' up behind me, you stealth rogue pirate!
    It's not that it's scary, it's just that I want long hair.
    I, of course, blame Japan for my follicular crisis for being so freakin' inhospitable for six months of the year.

  8. :) Bein' stealthy be what we Rogue Pirates be all about, Me Dear. Hope ye have yer uchigatana ready. Ye'll be needin' it soon.

  9. Yay! And here was me thinking ye'd abandoned me on the ship af'er ye jumped overboard.
    Excellent - I fancy a bit o' piratey swordplay. I been practising me battōjutsu in preparation for th' big fight scene. I'll cut 'em up good, Cap'n-san.

  10. I had two small pork chops tonight, don't be afraid they were quite nice.

  11. Old man: I hope you have two veg with yer meat.

  12. Oh I love Spring in Japan!!!! I can`t beleive you don`t like it. It is my favourite season in Japan!!! Although I usually get Asthma which sucks.

    Having short hair is cool GG! Although getting my hair cut in Japan always scares me.

    Best of luck, I hope it it perfect!

  13. Woah, it's that word again. How many times have you said brolly now?

  14. So do we get a photo of the new GG hairstyle?
    Thought not …

  15. Lulu: Er, I don't dislike spring at all - I just prefer autumn and winter.
    Thanks for hair wishes. We'll see how we go :/

    Vic: Mate, I've lost count. I am officially an old person now that I've talked about the weather so much.

    Dive: It is possible.

  16. Enjoy the Cherry Blossom. The magic signal is the metro security guys changing into their summer uniform! Took be ages to work it out.

    PS - have added you to my blog list, hope that ok!

  17. Flirty: Yay, the cherry blossoms are lovely, as proven by the thousands of folk jostling for position to get the best photo. Kinda spoils the atmosphere somewhat.
    Omg, I haven't yet noticed the changing of the uniform - cheers for the heads up. All their uniforms look the same to me.

    PS. Thanks, most honoured to be on yer blog list. Now I feel like a right heel coz I didn't ask you - I added you to mine without a second thought to yer feelings.

  18. No worries - I never used to ask but some nob objected cause I have pictures of vibrators and semi naked people on my blog. Thanks for adding me!

  19. No worries, m'dear.
    Sounds like the nob should have read your blog to learn how to chill the hell out.