9 March 2007

Ten Easy Steps to Get to GGHQ


  1. Cool, GG.
    Now I know where to come knocking if you're late in to work.

  2. Cool! Where I am, the magnification only goes to about the sixth photo.

  3. Hey, Boss: Hehe, good luck finding me. This city is like a giant maze.

    Kav: Yay, it is cool. I saw the clarity in these photos and wanted to see if it was the same for Tokes. I tried both Google Earth and Maps, and Earth zoomed in a lot further, but the image was too fuzzy to post anything closer than the last shot. If I had some fuck off program, I could have fixed it up, er, but I don't.

  4. You best hope Knudsen doesn't check this out.

  5. Sassy: No worries - I reckon Old Knudsen might be a bit confused if he sees it. Well, that and that the last photos are actually nowhere near GGHQ.

  6. Damn! I spend a lot of lunchtimes cruising round Google Tokes, so this was easy to find.
    Just when I thought I had a new career as a stalker you tell us that you've pointed us at the wrong building!
    Doh! Now I'll never get a satellite shot of the new hair-do.

  7. Hey boss, you're up early!
    Hehe, a satellite photo of the new hairdo - that's very funny. The new look is bloody terrific, though.

    Ha, do you really think I'd post pics pointing right to my building? I don't even use my first name on this site, let alone have an X marks the spot where I live.