5 April 2007

Winds of Change

Just like the spring blossoms, the mood at GGHQ also feels as though the beauty of the moment has passed and that life in Japan was just temporary.

The Clown told us that the company is going bust, and I haven't yet found another job. I'm going through the horrible going-for-interviews thing -- some people like them, but I dread them like a dollop of peanut butter on my toast. I know I'm always threatening to leave Japan, but this time I think I may actually have to. It's not immediate as my visa is valid until July, so if the company stays afloat until then, so shall I.

So ... I'm stressed. I'm sad. I'm feckin' tired. I'm also reflecting back over my time here -- I'm not ready to leave; I feel as though I've only just begun to settle in properly. I write this only to explain why I've not been posting, and why I probably won't be posting much until I get sorted.

In the meantime, GG has fallen in with a band of pirates (omg, I always wanted to be a pirate!) and is having a rollicking adventure with Cap'n-san. If you're pining for some tales from Japan, jump onboard and say ahoj to Cap'n Dyke, Lesbian Pirate Queen and Rogue Blogger and you'll have a terrific read while you're there.

A true story-teller Cap'n-san do be.


  1. Sorry to hear that - pain in the ass. I am going through interviews at the moment too, but at least mine are voluntary. Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Yikes, GG!
    I do hope it all works out for you.
    I'll keep my fingers and various sundry other parts crossed for you.

  3. Not sure what Rogue Blogging is. Heres some advice that I never follow but give to others then I nod wisely.

    "follow yer heart and not yer ego."

  4. Kav: Thanks! In some ways it's not so bad coz I've needed to get a new job for ages, but just couldn't be arsed. At least it's forcing me to make some changes. Good luck with your job interviews! It sounds promising for you.
    And because you're cute and have a huge lad, I shall give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were not calling me a pain in the arse. :)

    Dive: Thanks, boss. Just be careful not to cut off the blood flow to those crossed sundry parts. It would be dreadful if there were complications.

    Old man: You old rogue; I thought you started the rogue blogging craze.
    Thanks for your wise advice. I generally follow my gut, but that hasn't led me anywhere but the crapper, so I may need to rethink my approach.

  5. Hang in there, and for God's sake, get an Epi Pen, will ya?!

  6. Cap'n DykeApril 06, 2007

    Mmmm, an' here I be thinkin' Old K was th'definition o' th'word 'rogue' in th'Oxford Dictionary...

  7. Oh no! That sucks! What the hell is going on in this world. I hope the interviews go well.

    Dive, please do not use part of my moniker to describe parts of yourself that I'd prefer not to think about.

  8. Fingers crossed for you. How about some fill-in teaching English? I know it's not your ideal, but it would keep you there a bit longer?

  9. FS: Thanks, feathered one. I'm sure something awesome will happen very soon.
    My allergy's not quite bad enough for an Epi Pen, but anti-histamines would have been handy.

    Cap'n-san: I'm sure a picture of the old man in the cap appears next to 'rogue' in the dictionary.

    Sassy: Hope your move is going relatively painlessly.

    Lynn: I may just bite the bullet and do the teaching thing for a bit.

  10. Sorry to hear this GG...hope you can find something decent...and quickly!

  11. GG, I am so sorry to hear about the upset. On the other hand, if you've been thinking about leaving Japan, then maybe this is the kick in the ass you need. I do hope it works out well.

    Sassy, I snickered at Dive's comments and thought you might flinch--I was right. hee hee

  12. Not only are my parts "sundry", but they're pretty "sassy", too!

  13. Thanks, VK. And great to see you back, too. I'm sure something will work out.

    Robyn: Thanks to you too. I'm like the boy who cried wolf - always saying I'm leaving, but haven't, and now that I want to stay, I may have to leave.
    Still, I know the right job will happen at the right time.

    Dive: Hehe, it always comes back to yer parts, doesn't it?

  14. So you really do like Japan -- come on, admit it!!!

  15. No fun. If you decide to bum around europe while job shopping (hey, it might make the interview process less painful), just know you've got a place to crash in Dresden.

  16. Perkunas: Welcome! And yes, of course I like Japan. I've never claimed otherwise.

    B: Thanks mate, that's a lovely offer. I think it will be a while before I get to Europe, though. :/