26 April 2007

Sunday: Part II

After crashing about on Mount Fuji, we were dropped at Lake Ashi where we found the GG-mobile. Not quite as good as Batman's, but it provided an interesting diversion.

But the GG-mobile was forgotten once we spotted Cap'n-san sailing into view!

We waved hello just before we boarded something slightly more high-tech to take us around the lake.

Mount Komagatake loomed ahead, and a cable car rattled its way to the top. The views were spectacular, and these photos certainly do not do it justice.

Finally, coming down the mountain, a view of amazing Fuji-san looming silently and watching over the surrounding terrain.


  1. Gosh a magical day indeed!

  2. Swans with hats, now theres something you don't see everyday, what a joy.

  3. ...groan. Happy K has spoken. Lady Lynn would like a ride on those swans....:)

  4. What great pictures!

    The swans look like Shriners, though.

  5. I genefluct unworthily in your general direction (again).
    GG, these are fabulous!
    Fuji-san looks happy to see you. Let's call that a good omen.

  6. Lynn: It was a lovely day. And spotting Mt Fuji from the cable car was the best.

    Happy: Every day brings joy. And yes, sometimes it is in the form of swans with hats. Life is beautiful.

    Sassy: I had to look up what Shriners are. I was a bit confused about the comparison when I read they are part of Freemasonry and are the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine; also noted for wearing red fezzes.
    Then I read that they are miniature cars.
    Hope your leg's better.

    Dive: Shucks, I'm blushing. Go on now, they're not that good.
    Let's hope it's a good omen, eh? Things might just be working out, after all.

  7. Cap'n DykeApril 27, 2007

    Me Nightingale, I was thinkin' o'pillagin' that vessel ye were on, but thought ye could handle th'plunderin' on yer own...

  8. Were you on the pirate ship? The day I went it on the heavens opened.

    Can't believe you haven't posted on the Poodle scandal yet. Would love to get the real story. Sounds like a publicity stunt. Ref on my blog if you haven't heard yet.

  9. Aye, Cap'n-san, we were able to handle it. Good to see ye out on the water, though.

    Hi Flirty: Nope, we were on an organised tour that had mastered time management down to the last second and the pirate ship wasn't on the agenda.
    I heard all about the sheep/poodle thingy but it's not true. Perhaps I'll post about that...

  10. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

  11. Hi Gaijin-girl. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Needed a bit of encouragement actually.

    I was just in Hakone too, for the first time about a week ago. Not as nice as weather as the day you were there though. All we saw were clouds, and it even snowed.

  12. Forty-two: Um, not sure.

    Orientalist: Welcome! And no worries, your blog's great.
    It's a lovely area, ne? We were so lucky that Mt Fuji was visible for most of the day - that rarely happens. Looking forward to reading your version of it.

  13. Aren't you ever scared about Godzilla or the like coming out of the ground and wreaking havoc on you tiny folk?

  14. A nice photo journal. thanks for sharing

  15. Say, GG. Where you at, girl?

  16. Cap'n DykeMay 10, 2007

    Indeed, Dive, methinks we've misplaced her somewhere.

  17. Kav: Godzilla is a benevolent critter. He is all heart.

    No worries, Rich.

    Dive, Cap'n-san, Sassy: Ah, I'm just lurking around cyberspace. I've got absolutely nothing to blog about, but perhaps I'll come up with some crud over the weekend...
    Cheers for asking, though.

  18. You live in Tokyo and you have nothing to blog about?!?!?!
    Hokay; you can start by telling your old boss all the things the guide books won't tell me about for when I visit Tokes.
    Do old guys still piss in the streets? Just how ubiquitous are chikans? What weird things are available to eat in the little station kiosks? You know … all that crap.
    We all miss you.

  19. I have been on those boats! All of them and they were fab. It was a bloody freezing cold day, we'd had nothing to eat except some stinky sulphur cooked eggs, we missed lunch, we got wet and cold, and there was no-one else around. But we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and have loads of Japanese style tourist pics of us posing interminably striking all kinds of idiotic poses. Brilliant!