4 April 2007

What Would You Do If You Were Given Five Minutes To Live?

In light of my recent 'nut-induced brush with death, I have been contemplating things spiritual and metaphysical. What, I wondered idly to myself, would I do if I were told that my time on this ravaged planet would end at a given time?

Anyhoo, my reverie did not result in any earth-shattering conclusions as working for Clown-san is far too annoying and drives me to seek release playing this game.

Post your score in the comments and we'll see who the real winner is.

Update: Okey, Hamish is the winner. His best score so far is 1:25, which kicks my feeble 3:19 right back into the shark's mouth.


  1. Woah!
    Totally cool, GG!
    I'll be playing this all day now.
    I got savaged by weasels and chomped by a giant laser-wielding shark.
    I think I'm in love.

  2. Hehe, it is cool. I've just been down in the basement where I was stalked by a pink bear and I urinated all over some computers. Then I was hacked up by an evil clown in the bathroom.
    Feck, still can't beat the clock, though.

  3. 3 minutes 53 seconds is my best so far, but I've only just started. This is going to bugger up my work for days!
    You can fire a brolly through yourself in the basement (I know you like brollies), send the manager postal, explode the microwave, get the crap beaten out of you for so many reasons, but my favourite's still gotta be the shark in the upstairs pool.
    I love this game.

  4. Can't. comment. back.

    Must. kill. myself.

  5. It was like being in one of my daydreams... 1:33.

  6. Hame, it was like my usual workday with those clowns chasing me about the place. My best time is 3:19.
    You officially rock with your revised score of 1:25. You are the master.