20 May 2007

I Spy...

with my little eye, something beginning with GG.

Phew, a momentary return to my poor neglected blog.

What a funny couple of months it has been. I set myself free from the Clown's clutches almost two weeks ago after giving one month's notice. He wanted me to stay and offered me an extra $100- a month as an incentive to continue dealing with his shit. The final insult, you might say. And I would agree with you. I declined his offer and told him I was going back to Australia.

I gave notice to move out of GGHQ. No problems there. I began applying for jobs in Melbourne in preparation for my return.

I was sad because I didn't want to leave. I love Tokyo and it feels like home. For now, anyway. I reached the point where something had to change and I couldn't continue living the life I was living. I started packing and made lists, whilst fretting about how the hell to go about moving country again when I'm still recovering from the huge upheaval of leaving Australia two years ago. I'm too old for this shit, I muttered, standing amongst piles of things that I felt should have represented something, but didn't.

Then, I received an email from the top secret agency to which I had expressed interest regarding their top secret spy vacancies. I had interviewed with them about six weeks earlier, but was unsuccessful in getting that particular role. They wanted me in for another job - this one much better than the first and more in line with my interests, i.e., high-tech surveillance of the Asian arm of the organization, including China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Four weeks and four interviews later, I found out last week that I have the job. Big oo-ah! I get to stay in Japan with a brilliant job with an International Spy Agency and an amazing salary that will mean I have a lot more options and my time here will be far more enjoyable. I'd love to tell you more about it all, but as a top secret Spy working in a big, well-known building in Tokyo located in Roppongi, I'd have to kill you if I gave you details.

Tokyo Midtown SpyHQ

So, Gaijin Girl morphs into Salarygirl and joins the ratrace tomorrow. Having worked in the gaming industry for the last two years, my wardrobe didn't contain any Spy-appropriate attire. And here began the dilemma. In Australia, I am considered slim. In Tokyo, where the sizes in Gap begin at 000 (truly, that's 'triple zero', people) I am comparatively obese. Also at 5'9", there are slim-pickings for clothes.The size XL shirts I wore to the interviews were gaping around the bust as the buttons strained to contain my (admittedly, not that large) bosoms. Hehe, no wonder I got the job! Still, after racing around Tokes for the last few days, I have finally found a few suits and some slightly better fitting shirts. I don't particularly like what I have, but choice is not a luxury I have. The clothes fit, and that's all I can hope for at this stage.

I'm not quite sure where this leaves this blog or GG. She's been fun, but I have a feeling she won't be a relevant voice anymore, and it could be time to lay her to rest. To be honest, I doubt I'll have much time for blogging. I haven't been told the hours I'm working because they're not set. SpyCentral pay well, but they expect a lot back and it might take me a bit of time to find a balance. (Someone from SpyCentral emailed me the other night at 11.00pm. This is not uncommon in Tokyo, or the Spy industry, in general.) This may sound appalling to some, but I am so looking forward to the challenge and can't wait to get into it. It's a whole new beginning, and exactly the sort of thing I came over to do. *has difficulty restraining herself*

On a personal note, I haven't emailed anyone for about four months, so if I owe you one, I hope to get in touch shortly. Things have been so up in the air I couldn't write to say what I was up to because it kept changing every few hours. Literally. Also, I haven't been commenting on other blogs much, but I do read them through my reader. Just like to say that I am still in awe of all your words.

And lastly, because this is Tokyo, here is a photo showing a little alley across the road from SpyHQ. Old and new, east and west, sit side by side -- they don't clash, rather, they co-exist.


  1. Capn DykeMay 20, 2007

    Me Dear GG,

    Yer magnificence has been recognized at long last an' Th' Cap'n be ecstatic for th'Grand Turn o'Events!

    Spy well an' know that I know ye are out on th' "internets" lurkin'... ;)

  2. Congratulations, GG. Please don't spy on me.

    Please do find time to continue blogging, as I would miss you entirely too much if you didn't.

  3. I told you my old CIA connections would get ya in, you'll be the first to know when North Korea launch their big Dong rockets at japan you lucky thing, remember piano wire is yer friend.

  4. International Spy Agency, huh? I want Jason Bourne's phone number.

    And I like the skateboard ramps in the third picture, dude.

  5. And here I forgot to say "Congratulations"!

  6. But don't forget about Jason Bourne's phone number.


  7. Hey, GG. Well done! Congratulations! Your old boss will be sorry to see you go, but if you're going to be working for Tiger Tanaka I can harldy stop you.
    Go for it!

  8. Great news about the job! I'm glad you were able to find a way to stay. Will miss reading the blog though.

    Happy spying.

  9. super well done GG, delighted for you. hope you can still blog!

  10. Cap'n-san: Thank ye! Never fear, I'll be lurking about yer waters, wherever they take you/us next.

    Sassy: Cheers for your kind words. I'll try to post on weekends and pop some photos on the blog.

    Old man: Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks, mate: piano wire is in now in the GG utility belt.

    Fat Sparrow: Unfortunately, all the intelligence I gather will be highly classified. I've hidden it quite well thus far. You'll be the first to know Bourne's identity. Watch this space, or your inbox.

    Boss: Ach, I'll miss working for you. Keep my position open just in case. The perks were too good to leave, really.

    Orientalist: Thanks, it is a huge bonus that it all worked out the way it did. I'll definitely keep blogging, as long as I can something to blog about that's not work!

    Flirty: Thank you, me dear. Hope the right thing comes along for you sometime soon as well.
    The long train ride should give me some blogging fodder, perhaps even a random chikan story...

  11. I'll consider this a sabbatical, GG.
    Your "eropod" will remain unsullied for your return.
    And should you ever need a safe house …

  12. Thanks for the offer, Boss. I may well need to turn up, swathed in beige overcoat (very spring Tokyo) and large, dark glasses. No one would even know i was there ... til we both blogged about it!

  13. Congrats, sounds like a great move. I hope I haven't seen the last of you.

  14. All I said was I may get the chance to visit Japan this year and you go underground !!!

    Great news about the job, hope it works out for you.
    Maybe you should by size 007 clothes.

    Carry on posting the superb pictures. (you can use your spy camera now)

  15. Yay for you!! Isn't it great when you manage to get what you want... especially when it comes with a pay raise.

    p.s. Feel free to spy on me... I'm a Leo, I like attention.

  16. Congrats on the job -- that's great news, and to be a spy as well -- that's amazing!!! Good for you!!!

  17. Kav: Ta, matey! Hope your new job is as exciting too. You may wish, but you won't have seen the last of me ... I'll be stalking yer blog as always. You're too good a writer to stay away.

    Full: Aha, my cunning plan to go underground does not preclude meeting up with fellow bloggers. Just met up with one last week (although he was appalled by my sense of direction lack and general cluelessness).
    Ta, I was rather happy with these photos. I'll continue to pop more on.

    B: Isn't it great when you manage to get what you want... Yup! But we must be careful what we wish for.
    Yay, love the fellow Leo thing we have goin' on. Everything you write makes sense to me. Consider yourself spied upon.

    Perkunas: Welcome! as I don't think I said it earlier in a previous post. Thanks for checking in and for yer good wishes.
    Being a spy rocks - I recommend it highly.

  18. Knew youd get it. Excellent work.

  19. Hame: Thanks, couldn't have done it without you. You were a great support over the last six months - you're a star.

  20. Yippe GG, I am glad you don't have to move and you got the job you'd been hoping for. Please don't go away, Dive will be unbearable!

  21. Dear Prudence: Thanks, mate! It is great when things work out. I'm also pleased to see you back and bloggin' again, too!
    I think Dive would survive quite well without this tripe; he has a virtual harem to take care of him!

  22. Sorry, I am a bit behind in my reading and have just gotten to this post. Congratulations!! Having just read your moving post (should have read this one first), I can see why everything is exciting but disturbing at the same time.

    You Rock.

  23. Hm. Well I hope its not an Evil Spying Agency, like the one Yawn was working for. I hear they make you wear yellow spandex and hatch easily foiled plots involving devices that obliterate the Sun.

  24. broadzillaJune 04, 2007

    (Dear god, no - not yellow spandex... that really would be Evil. The sun I could live without.)

    Good on you, GG. I hope the new job is splendid.

  25. Wow. I love the last photo. I grew up in Roppongi and I used to go that ramen shop because it looked soooo out of place. I was wondering why most of the customer there are dressed in dark suit. Now I know why :) Thank you for the great post!